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Have a support case that I have been waiting for for over 12 days, how long should you have to wait for an answer?


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    We can't really answer that question here. We're a user forum. I will ask, did you literally open a support ticket on this site  or did you merely send a crash report if Hitfilm crashed? 

    Crash reports don't generate individual responses. I think they just get auto-logged into a pool. Otherwise, Support tickets generally get responses in 24—72 hours, depending on if sent on a business day or the weekend? 

  • I used the support ticket on this site and got a support number, and when the question was asked on a Friday I counted with three days but think that 12 days is a little long time. If it takes longer, you should change the text 72 hours.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You can pass the suggestion on to Staff. Forum mods don't work for FXHOME. We're just users who can delete spam. 

  • How to reach Hitfilm staff? One can wonder if there are many who have to wait for almost 13 days to get answers from support. Hitfilm should in this case change from 72 hours to maybe 14 days instead.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Send another support ticket? Or, perhaps there's an automated receipt email you could respond to? If you sent your email on a Friday night it's possible they missed it while catching up the following Monday. FXHOME is a small company - under 30 people. Considering that includes dev teams for five products, marketing staff, admin staff, and office staff, the dedicated support department has to be quite small (especially with 4 million users). Support might have made an error. 

  • I have sent a new email with the same case number to them and asked how it goes but not received an answer more than to answer within 2-3 days. It may have been something wrong but hardly after my second mail as well.

  •  @sbmediaproduktion The person usually handling what you are asking for is on holiday this week and unfortunately nobody else noticed that we hadn't replied for a while. We do strive to reply within the 72 hours as written on our website but unfortunately this time we missed the ticket.

    I have prompted the support team to reply to your email shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Thank you Cedric Bonnier for your answer and that you are trying to speed up the support.
    One might think that FXHome should have some alarm that starts if you have not responded to eg. a week and in my case it is two weeks tomorrow which is a long time.

  • DibsMcCallumDibsMcCallum Staff
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    I am very sorry about the delay in response to your tickets.  We do normally aim to reply within 72 hours in the worst case and also at the busiest of times.

    The reason for this happening was that the team member who deals with the matter of your enquiry went on holiday the same day you sent in your ticket. This is being looked into straight away for you and you will have a reply to your ticket most likely awaiting you already.

    Again, apologies for the delay from the Team at FXhome.

  • Thank you for the excuse.
    Now I know the reason why it took so long.
    I have now received a response from the support.

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    One thing to keep in mind everyone is that FXHome is not Adobe.  It is a small company with brilliant ideas.  As such, there are occasions where response from staff may be sporadic.  Believe me this is not intentional and is avoided if at all possible.  

    I am an IT  manager and I can testify that having a staff of professionals that only have to deal with trouble tickets all day long is a lot easier that having to have that same staff also write code, develop new products, answer the phone, attend meetings, cover personnel absences, travel to seminars, and manage systems, etc.  

    When you are a 24 hour operation, like me with a 9 to 5 staff of 10 people and one university data center, it can be a little challenging.  Now compound that by having customers world wide.   That's pretty tough on a small scale.

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