Keyboard shortcuts not working in viewer

Hi everyone, whenever I'm in the viewer of either the editor or composite shot, Keyboard shortcuts for selection tool, hand tool, text tool, mask tools: V, H, T... all are not working, and even when I'm changing them, is there a catch or is it some bug.

I'm on version 12.3.8815.7201

BTW, is there a way to add tops and tails edit functionality with keyboard shortcuts. What they do exactly is ripple start and end to playhead, they are very effective in trimming and I would love to see them in the future.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    This is normal and desired behavior. Hitfilm's keyboard shortcuts are active-panel sensitive. When the viewer is active no keyboard shortcuts work. This is so you can use the text tool/effect without activating shortcuts. 

  • Switching from viewer tools shortcuts to actually typing text should happen only when you are editing a text layer, otherwise the keyboard shortcuts should work normally like any other video editor. otherwise what's the point of having keyboard shortcuts. And I actually want to remap them to other keys F14, F15 (mouse two side buttons) that have nothing to do with typing. I can do that in the option menu, but they don't actually work in the viewer panel.

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