Can't Export

I try to export a video, it says "could not initialize the mp4 write"and"process topped unexpectedly"


  • Nice support I see


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     @DavidHMcDonald this is a users forum, including the mods, who are users, not Staff. The Support link is at the bottom of the page. This post is just over eight hours old as I look at it. Not bad for volunteer work. 

    @MasterPip this tells us nothing. Can you list your system specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage?  Are your GPU drivers current and have you installed all critical OS updates? What Antivirus are you running? Is it a Dell? What types of footage are you using in your project  and what are your export settings? 

  • Feel free to send us in a support ticket and we will be able to help you with the problem you are experiencing.


  • My graphics card is a gtx 1050ti, I have an intel core i5 8th gen, I run windows, i have 8gb of ram

  • Great stuff, I can see Axel has replied to the support ticket you have sent in.

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