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Hi there,

Anyone else getting a little turn around using the 360 degree Viewer effect? (rimshot)

It appears the X and Y axes are mixed. In the 360 Viewer effect, the X axis controls tilt up/down, when they should be panning left/right; and the Y axis controls pan left/right when they should be tilting up/down. Am I missing something?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'll assume in the past you've used software when the axes are in a different order from Hitfilm - for example  Blender's Y and Z axes are reversed compared to Hitfilm.

    Otherwise  what you describe is correct and consistent for Hitfilm.

    Create a 3D plane. Rotate it on the x-axis, and you will see it flip horizontally. Rotate on Y, it will flip vertically  

    Create a Camera and rotate its X axis and the camera tits up and down. Rotate the Y axis, the camera will look left and right. 

    This is consistent with what the 360 viewer effect is doing for you.

    The 360 viewer effect projects the video on the inner surface of an "infinite" sphere. So, return to the 3D plane discussed earlier. Rotation on X flips it horizontally, correct? Let's say you zero all rotation on that plane, push it back into the distance on Z, create a new 3D point and parent the plane to the point. If you rotate this point on X you'll see the plane moving up and down. Rotate Y the plane moves side to side. This is, again, consistent with what you're seeing in the 360 viewer.

    All is as it should be  :D

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your quick reply, and sorry for my late reply. I got a bit waylaid at work. 

    ....Regarding Blender, great software, but don’t get me started on the counter-intuitiveness! (Smile)

    Regarding HitFilm,  I’m still a fan. I just noticed this axis flip idiosyncrasy in the 360 effect. I wondered why it is there,  when the axes appear to behave properly (with label/movement correspondence) in every other context. I’m amused mostly.  

    But I do appreciate the reality check. I have not entered the twilight zone after all. (Smile)

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