using hitfilm pro 11 to create asteroid fields ,and ghostly nebulous .


  • @RobStilfield ; Another fine example from you all.  I'm so jealous of your skills.

  • Really fun to watch. A little psychedelic at times 

    The blend with live action was even better than the last one.

  • Fantastic! May I ask......did you make that cockpit yourself? I really want it for one of my own projects! :)

  • @RobStilfield I have to say, I really love your videos. They are clever and very fun to watch!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Another fun winner  

    Trey's just lucky he didn't randomly die in hyperspace (my least favorite feature in the game). 

  • WedgeOz the cockpit model I used was free from the badking website under the mech bundle. 

  • Thanks everyone for the positive feedback !!

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