Hitfilm and why is it lagging so bad

Ok, so I literally used hitfilm yesterday and it worked out fine. But at this moment (9:44 PM), it is too laggy to open up a project file and I end up having to force close it. Yes, my specs are at the bare minimum, but as I said, it smooth yesterday. I looked through the forums and someone said that if you make a new user on win10, it will run fast again. While it did work on that user, it is continuously laggy on my main user. I don't want to switch from user to user just to use hitfilm. I tried restarting my laptop and that didn't work too

I installed a mod client for minecraft an hour ago, so that might be the case on why it is lagging. Also, I'm one update behind in hitfilm, so that could also be the case. I will try updating hitfilm and removing the mod launcher to see if any of the two stop the lag issue. I will reply if it works.


If anyone has an efficient solution, please tell me


  • HitFilm is resource intensive. If there is anything running in the background that is eating RAM and CPU cycles or accessing the hard drive, you're gonna get bogged down pretty quickly. Use Task Manager to see what's running and kill or disable as much of it as you can. 

    For instance, I get noticably better performance when I'm closed out of my web browser, mostly because web browsers love RAM. Your Minecraft thing may very well be the root of the issue.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Out of curiosity, what are your system specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? As Triforce notes, Hitfilm (and any NLE/Compositor) will be resource heavy. Could be the Minecraft thing (the slowdown happening after installation is a hint).

    Checking your system to see what's starting at boot up is a good idea. Your Minecraft might load on boot. In that case, it's always running and taking resources. Setting the Minecraft thing to NOT run on boot would free system resources, while you could still run it when needed. A lot of Adobe stuff wants to run on bootup as well, as well as stuff from other vendors. Skype, for example.

  • ok, so I have indeed found a fix, and apparently, it had nothing to do with the Minecraft mod launcher. So I remember a video I watched on how to make programs run faster again, and the person said something about the compatibility mode. What you do is you right click the shortcut of the program, click on "Properties", go into "Compatability", and check the checkmark that says "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" So I did that and, to my surprise, it worked!

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    @Epicsaurus ; Glad you found a solution.   Compatibility mode for which version of Windows??

  • Windows 8

  • Ok, every response I get for why hitfilm out of the blue lags, they say it's video codec or the quality of the footage. I know for a fact it's not the footage's fault because it works fine. I do all the suggestions that people tell me to do (uninstall programs, check for your antivirus, check your specs, etc.), and, yet, it still lags to the point where I cannot create or open a project in hitfilm. I use the bare minimum specs for hitfilm (Windows 10 64-bit, Intel Core i5, Intel Graphics 4000) and it has worked. But then, at random, whether I install a program or don't do anything at all, it starts to lag insanely. Just a reminder, I am not talking about the timeline or the workflow itself. I am talking about the program altogether and how it's not loading anything.

  • btw its starting to lag again

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    Actually, you are under minimum specifications for Hitfilm 12. Both your CPU and GPU:

    • Processor: 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors or AMD equivalent.
    • RAM: 4GB (8 GB Recommended)
    • Graphics card:
      • NVIDIA GeForce 600 (Kepler) series (2012)
      • AMD Radeon R5 240 (2013)
      • Intel HD Graphics 5000 (GT3) (2013)
      • Video memory 1 GB minimum (2GB or more required for 4K UHD.)

    Honestly, chances are there's nothing to can change to magically run faster. You don't meet minimum spec, so you cannot expect fast response. You've never mentioned what type of footage you're using. Yes, that makes a huge difference. If, for example  you're using screen capture footage  you're using a terrible format for editing, where Cineform would run better. How long are your video clips? Again, you might be loading up some 2 hour screen capture as a single clip, which, again, slows things down a lot - like loading a project. You also haven't answered all questions you've been asked. You said, for example, "check your Antivirus." Yeah, WE need to know what you might be running. Some Antivirus software scans EVERY FILE when it's opened or saved - you should IMMEDIATELY see where another program grabbing every file, every time it's accessed could slow Hitfilm down.

    These questions are to try and help you, and you're not making that easy. "My files work." Really? What are they and how long are they? If you're loading two hour mp4 screen captures I'd say break those up into 15 minute segments and transcode to Cineform. As it is, that's a wild guess, because I don't know what your files are. 

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