Using water mist to make gunsmoke

A better version of the last test, without the flash you can kinda see it's water, but with the flash your eyes get distracted so you don't notice. I used the water gun from the Quixels™ starter kit.


  • It's an interesting and inventive idea, and for me the facing the camera works the best, the side on you kind of start to notice the spray pattern. Regarding the mussel flash you need to consider the size of the flash realitive to the gun. Also play with the opacity to blend it into the shoot.

    All on all good start.


  • Thanks but I think I'm happy with the flashes, I think overly exaggerating the "HOLY CRAP THERE'S A GUN SHOOTING" factor is a style I want to keep. I was asking for feedback on the mist, I know it kinda does look like mist without a flash but with it, it's kinda hidden, also I'm planning on painting the greens to white, what do you think about that?

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