Ferra Films stuff:

Hi guys I am work on a shazam effect tutorial 


  • @FerraFilms ; I look forward to watching it.

  • going to be recording a video for Thursday

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator


    Btw, re: Levelator - it was created specifically for podcasts. It doesn't noise reduce or EQ, it's just a super easy tool to maximize volume. 

  • My new short film is coming soon..


  • I've moved this to the "user gallery" since it seemed to follow the theme of the other posts here.

  • New Podcast with Josh Davies 


  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    "Biggest jumps forward coming in the next 12 months" . . . . hmmm

  • I'm hoping its features that no one asked for like behaviors.   The biggest change that I loved was locked layers.  The note about blender, I hope its features that all 3d software can use.  I am a 3ds max/Maya user.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Stargazer54 a key in that is @JoshDaviesCEO has been consistent in tagging the particle sim as his favorite Hitfilm tool... Until now. "All my favorite tools in Hitfilm are things that aren't in Hitfilm, yet!"

    Ok, I'm intrigued!

    I don't think he's talking about his camera track to Unity project. I'd guess that's either part of the Action Pro revamp, or a whole new product... So... what IS he talking about?

    Good chat, Ferra Films!

  • I'll check it out today, I wonder how much @kirstiet watched with her hand in mouth waiting for a big reveal slipup. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andy001z I like to think Josh had her on speakerphone monitoring things.

    I'm pretty sure the real reason @KirstieT is basically bald is from ripping her hair out when Josh gets enthusiastic in interviews, and not something she did for a practical reason relating to an awesome adventure she had then decided she liked.

  • @Ferra Films  Good interviewing.  Great show.  @Triem23 When Josh said, "...Hitfilm play nice with Blender." my mind immediately went to native .blend file import support.  That would be awesome!

  • Haha, I'm glad that you guys know my pain!!  I mean, generally, we're pretty open and transparent about what's coming in future versions (keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek soon!) but we, of course, want to make sure that we're positive we can deliver on our promises!

    And yes, @Triem23 - I have been growing my hair back during lockdown though, so now when I'm tugging at it, it actually sticks up like a madwoman instead!

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