Ignite Express 2017 new installation fails after PC crash

I´ve installed "IgniteExpress2017_1.0.6613.12930_x64" in 2017. Now I´ve had a PC-crash. I tried to re-install a few different versions of Ignite, e.g. the exact version as installed formerly, and the newest version also. But immediately after starting installation file a message cames: "The older version of Ignite Express 2017 cannot be removed. Contact...support".

I checked registry with tools twice, keywords "HitFilm", "Ignite", "[serial number]", and so on. No entries left. No files left on PC.  I´ve deactivated program successfully, but message appears:  "status: enabled".

PC:WIN7_64, 64GB RAM

Everybody there to give me solution(s) to make a re-install?
Thx, Regards


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