A video script.


  • @Mistery1307 ; It all starts with the story or script, so I think, good going.

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    If that is the script for a video then I think it is fine.
    I tend to 'present' in 3s which is what your script is suggestings...
    In your case the theme is the content and your channel.
    1) The edit and software
    2) The hardware and content
    3) Your approach to building and promoting your channel.

    What is the aim of the video? 
    Basically, how would watching your video benefit me? Would I come away from it more informed, educated or entertained?

    I *do* think you need to promote your channel if you want to grow. It's *how* you promote it and your aim for your channel. 

    Commenting on similar content from other people, entering competitions, collaborations, attending and contributing to livestreams all help... on top of frequent, regular, quality uploads that you create because you enjoy doing it and would like to share with others. If your subs know your schedule then they'll know what to expect.
    Those who might sub4sub probably won't be active or even subscribed for long. Each time your sub count goes down you wonder who and why it happened.

    Anyway, that's my 2 pence worth.

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    @DafterThings I think the answer to "What is the point of this video" The video's name is "A History And Reflection Of My Channel" it won't be out for a while, because I want to build more history before I can make a history, I think this might become a yearly series. And I do enter some competitions I went  thrice to the video contests at ProductionCrate (Never got in the videos though...) But that was a long time ago (and on a different account). Now I know much more and I think I can enter again and better. The script is also not finished.

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    The video's name is "A History And Reflection Of My Channel"
    ... but what are you looking to achieve by creating it? It's not a trick question or a rebuke. It's simply an open question to understand the context of the words you presented for feedback.

    I think your entering the ProductionCrate competitions is great and, as you say, entering again with more experience is a good move. I wasn't suggesting you do not do these things. 
    I guess I should have said "I do think promotion is necessary to grow a channel"  as a response to your statement that "I don’t have a large following is because I don’t promote myself".  IMHO you should promote yourself *if* you want to grow your channel but, as have agreed, in an appropriate way.

  • The point of the video is to recap my channel and to tell people my story so they can learn and avoid my mistakes, and also to tell people about me.

  • Added a paragraph.

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