All About Proxies !

Hello all,

I have downloaded the ver 12 demo to have a bit of a play and I'd like to get some best advice regarding Proxies if anyone is willing to help.

I have footage filmed from a Mavic 2 Zoom Drone recorded in H264 as Hitfilm does not support H265, the fottage is at full 4K resolution.

Obviously this footage in it's raw state is not best suited on the timeline. I also have 4K Cineform capability on my system so I intend on trans coding the clips into Cineform to use as proxies for editing. I have some questions though in the hope of being fully 'in the know' before spending hours and hours shooting in the dark and not getting a workable result.....

So here Goes !

1. Ref the footage itself: I Am assuming I'm right to record in H264 as Hitfilm wont be able to use H265 clips to substitute the proxies for export  ? ? ? ?

2. When Trans Coding to cineform: Does it make a difference with the clips performance on the timeline what container I use   eg   Mov   Avi  etc  ? ? ?

3. The Trans Coding software: I downloaded one called 'MPEG Stream Clip' and tried it out on a clip......The clip was 2:13 mins long and it took ages to complete a single clip - Is there much faster trans coding software out there (preferably cheap or even Free) that will be much better than said software ? ? ?

4. Preparing to Trans Code to Cineform: I know I need to use the 'same resolution' when producing the proxies, I remember reading this in another thread on here or Hitfilm wont be able to marry up the original matching clips to the proxies on the timeline when using the 'Relink' option, is that right ?  Apart from that detail, what is the best settings to use for the trans code though, in StreamClip it shows a quality level to set from 1 - 100% while in other software ref Cineform I see Low, Medium, High, Film Scan 1, Film Scan 2 ? (bit strange for sure)  etc etc  

5. When producing Proxies: If for example my master clips are .MP4's in H264 which live in folder 'X', and I produce Cineform proxies as .Avi's, should the proxy clips live in the same folder as the original footage ? ? ?

6. So I produced a couple of proxies: I produced x2 Cineform Proxies at 4K resolution @ 20% quality in a .Mov and a .Avi container to try on the timeline. If I use the original .MP4 clip using either FULL, 1/2 or 1/4 for the display, the box shows the whole clip although in lowering resolutions. If I use either of my proxies at 'FULL' the whole clip shows up. If I change it to 1/2, both my proxies no longer show the whole clip but seem's to be a part of the clip from the lower left corner ! Going to 1/4 again they both show a chopped portion from the lower left corner although this time it is a smaller portion again and quite pixilated. Is this a setting I got wrong or possibly a bug  ? ? ?


Ok, I've asked long enough I hope you dont mind


Many Thanks









  • Ow Yes

    The issue in Item 6 above only shows up when I hit play.....A soon as it stops/pauses the whole clip shows

    Sorry, forgot that little detail



    1. Correct Hitfilm does not support HEVC/H.265.
    2. No difference
    3. Never used Streamclip. Try using VirtualDub 2. It is still under active development.
    4. Correct. Hitfilm is not resolution independent so your "proxy" should be the same resolution as the source media. Cineform has the advantage of greater performance when the viewer is at Half or Quarter settings.
      The Medium or High quality settings for Cineform are the normal/common settings used.
    5. Whatever works for you. If it were me I would probably have a folder for each. But then I would not be using Cineform as a proxy but as a full replacement for the source media.
    6. You are using old software. You probably did not download from the FxHome website. Hitfilm is at version 12.3. The behavior you describe was a bug in version 12.0 and fixed in 12.1.

    As stated I would not be using Cineform as a Proxy. I would simply transcode the source media to Cineform and use that. Cineform is what is often called and intermediate codec. These are designed for very high quality and thus not need to original media. They do have very low "proxy" settings but most do not use that. Especially as Cineform has the performance advantage when decoding to half resolution as previously described.

    Speaking of performance. Hitfilm 12+ has hardware AVC decode (Intel quicksync and Nvidia). If you have AVC source media just using that with the hardware decode should give excellent edit performance. 4K Cineform files are going to be big and have a high bitrate which can burden your PC I/O subsystem if compositing multiple independent streams or NLE/editor transitions.

    If your source media is HEVC, you can still transcode to AVC if you want to take advantage of the hardware decode. I know this throws more options/confusion at you but I am just presenting all options.



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