Nice Matte Painting,

Hey all..

I have made a very nice matte painting and I'm only 16 years old....... I hope you like it ;)

the first picture is the original picture the second is the edited (Matte painting) :D

hope you like it :D


  • by the way...its my first matte painting picture ;)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Very well done, indeed! Lots of depth, great work on removing the foreground elements. For a first ever job this is spectacular! Be proud.

    The masking on the left side trees needs a little more work, but leaves, hair and fur are the hardest things to fiddle. Again, be proud of this. You'll only get better from here. :) 

  • Haha yeah :) thanks man... :) but I have make the masking in Hitfilm express then I have exported the raw image and after that I have do some work with Gimp 2... :) ;) 

    but i dont like the colors between the horizont in the middle...the mountains have a small touch of blue and the trees are little bit yellow...but for me its very nice as well... :) 

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