Speedforce our 1000 subscriber video

So this is the video we will be Turing in for the hitfilm contest. Everything was edited in hitfilm, so check it out. 



  • Congratulations on reaching 1000. That's fantastic! :)

  • @filmsensi thank you so much :) 

  • Yeah. Many congrats.
    Really nice channel and I appreciate the variety of content

  • @drafterthings thank you man. You are always commenting and I truly appreciate it

  • edited May 2019

    (I'm a beginner, take this with about a million shakers of salt) At 0:39 there's a freaking plasma torch (Lightsaber) on the ground, and there's no environmental glow, just duplicate your footage, set the duplicate to add, mask it around the lightsaber, then tint to the color of the lightsaber. Nice camera-work, choreography's on point, and the story was sort of anti-climactic, I half-expected the little kid to pull out his own lightsaber...

  • @mistery1307 thank you, I agree. With you on the lightsaber.  I had less then a hour to shoot, so I wanted to keep the video as short as possible.  Also it’s hard to make young kids follow directions lol

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