Focus stacking?

I'm an amateur macro photographer, and haven't done focus stacking much, but decided to use Hitfilm Pro to stack two images so I could get more of the fly in focus at once. So my question is, does anyone else use Imerge Pro for focus stacking? I'm happy to use Hitfilm on JPEGS, but raw support would be nice. If someone does use it, tips and tricks are appreciated :) it may help get me to buy Imerge pro sometime in the fairly distant future, finances being my limiting factor. I honestly take more photos than make movies, so I am pretty stoked at my results from just two images, Hitfilm made the editing a joy really. 




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    Nice shot!

    I do love macrophotography (I miss the challenge of doing macrophotography with a 4x5 view camera)… and I finally have a macro lens that I can use on my new camera, so I'm going to have to try doing some macro stuff this spring/summer!

    So how did you do the focus stacking? Is there a stacking feature in Imerge that I didn't know about?

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    @WhiteCranePhoto " (I miss the challenge of doing macrophotography with a 4x5 view camera)"

    !!!!! You never told us you were insane. 

    In our modern world it would be nice for DSLRs to have focus bracketing. To make such things easy(er).

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    I think most of the folks around here who know who I am already know that I'm insane

  • It is only two images, just one has a mask showing the bits that are in the foreground and in focus, in the future I will use my slider as a rail and try and get at least three images, depending on how willing the subject and how hard the camera angle is to keep. I might get a regular macro focus rail if the slider doesn't give good results, but then again, this is OK as a first attempt, I think, and it is just two images. so, in short, get as many slices in different focus points as you can, and stitch them together you would any composite in Hitfilm/Imerge. There is no focus stacking feature that I know of, but this method I don't think is too hard. I honestly liked doing it in Hitfilm more than any other editor I have tried. 

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