Missing Fonts and Arrow Key on Mac

Hey guys,

I've ignored this issue for a while but it's getting to me. I'm using HitfilmPro2017 and on the Mac and most of the fonts register as several empty boxes right next to each other. Fonts work fine on every other program like Adobe and word.

To make things worse I can't "arrow down" to scroll through the fonts on the Mac (pc works fine) so I have to randomly click through mostly broken fonts to find anything.

Is there a current fix for this?


Thank you


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    @twhitworth ; If I am recalling correctly, there was some attention paid to fonts and such with the recent release of 12.  You might think about installing 12.3 Express along side your 2017 Pro and give a try to see if it corrects the issue you're having.  I'm on PC so I can't give you any anecdotal observations. :(

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    Um...I don't wanna retro back to 2017 or  install Pro 12 (it's broken) to check for you but I do have Express 12 installed and all seems to work well with the  original text tool anyways. All fonts (400+) listed w/names and magic mouse scroll works fine top to bottom.

  • @GrayMotion ; I'm having good luck with Pro 12 right up to 12.3, but granted I don't do nearly as much or as complex as you, and I forgot your on Mac too.  BUT good to know 12 Express did address the fonts.


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    @tddavis I don't recall every having a problem with the fonts list and I've had ever version since Pro 3 installed. As for 12...yea...I can "puke" it in 2 minutes with a 3d model , particle sim and 3 view screen. Most time just a model will do the same thing. OpenGL error every time...and it's not my drivers or system guarantee that. BTW - I have both Mac and PC

    Sorry for dumping useless babble on your thread twhitworth.

  • @GrayMotion no problem. I appreciate the help from both of you. I'll try the express to see how that works out!

  • @GrayMotion If you haven't contacted support about this, you should do so.

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