My first VFX ever!

I was digging around my files and I found my first vfx test ever!


  • (camera was in slow motion mode, so it's better at 2x speed)

  • @Mistery1307 This is the very first one you ever made? Wow! That's great. If I had the first one I ever made, I would never post it. It was way worse than this... purely for learning. And I was an adult when I made it! :)

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    @Mistery1307 ; I agree with @FilmSensei ; 100%.  My thought when watching it was you've really got that tracking the light saber blade down on your first go and at such a young age.  I can't track a decimal fraction that well.

  •  What's funny is that I literally used @FilmSensei 's tutorial to make this!

  • @Mistery1307: "What's funny is that I literally used @FilmSensei 's tutorial to make this!"

    Oh! Well no wonder it looked so good! Lol! :)

    Just kidding! Really nice job, that's for sure.

  • Sweet! I concur with FilmSensei on this one. You're doing great! 

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