Task bar + file association (windows)

This is a weird one.  Not too long ago I was trying to reinstall Hitfilm 2 ultimate to see if it would get me different results as I thought something in hitfilm pro had either changed or had been bugged.  The installation didn't quite work, you had to download something instead of enter a key and the download given by fxhome was instead for a version of express which was either for the first time express was free or the 2017 version but either way I gave up and uninstalled it.  But since installing it it had somehow brute forced file association away from hitfilm pro current.  So when I tried opening a hitfilm project file it wouldn't open so I had to right click go to open with, select another app, and i chose the hitfilm pro icon probably the exe file.  Now it worked but now a very convenient feature of windows was lost.  When you pin programs to the task bar you can right click on them and you get a big list of recently opened or saved projects.  As I often will reopen old projects or templates this is great and lets you skip a step.  But even since whatever happened happened for hitfilm instead of this list being populated by project file it is instead populated by the names of the most recent media files I imported into hitfilm.  Does anyone have a clue how I can get my convenient project list back?


  • When you get the "Open With..." dialogue, did you check the "Always open with this program" box? (You may have to select the "more apps" link to see it)

    Otherwise, you could simply try reinstalling Hitfilm

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