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Hi. Question... I can only manage 5 seconds of preview time. Is it possible to get more time?


  • I'm guessing you mean RAM preview? As suggested by the name, this is directly related to how much RAM you have in your system. So, how much RAM do you have? If it's on the lower side (less than 8 GB) then that would explain why you can only get a few seconds out of it. 

    Luckily, RAM tends to be one of the most upgradable components of almost any PC. Sometimes for quite cheap. 

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    You need more RAM in your machine for a longer preview.

    That said, there is an options/preferences setting that controls the maximum RAM allowed to be used for RAM previews. You could try to increase that. It may or may not help depending on your machine. We don't know anything about your machine.

    Second if your viewer resolution is set to Full, you can set it to half. That will give you 4x longer preview possibilities. It is weird/unfortunate, but it is the paused resolution setting that is used for RAM previews.

  • Thank you. I will look into more ram but, it is my laptop. Not a lot of upgrades can be done.

  •  I up'ed the preview Ram and it helped a lot. Thank you so much.

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