BUG when importing Targa sequence?

Is this a bug in Hitfilm Pro....when I import a targa image sequence into Hitfilm the image sequence flickers on every frame.  When I import it to After Effects it doesn't do that?   Any thoughts??


  • I cannot reproduce this report. Got anything more specific?

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    @NormanPCN Targa sequence has an alpha Channel with it... otherwise I do not know. It has the latest updates should I try to totally reinstalling hitfilm

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    @andersen01498 I did not have alpha channel. I put an alpha channel into my targa sequence. Still no flicker.

    For my test, I am taking an 8 second video file 1080p30 and using ffmpeg to create a targa sequence. Then I import that into Hitfilm. I create a composite shot from the sequence. Do a RAM preview and play at full. Since the source is a media file the alpha channel is obviously always opaque in this test.

    ffmpeg.exe -i %1 -pix_fmt bgra "sequence\image-%%03d.tga"

  • ill send you an example of what I'm trying to import...it will take a few minutes or so to upload :(

  • @NormanPCN here is the image sequence folder..... its a one of past projects i worked on.  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Hmmn7FvzzuRlY6TChKiUV-zbGMDKNiWj?usp=sharing

  • @Andersen01498 The image sequence is not technically flickering. A certain frame/file is being repeated in the sequence.

    Your sequence is not named properly for Hitfilm to properly sort/order the separate files. The image numbers need to have leading zeros for Hitfilm to properly order. How many? Depends on how many frames. In this example there are less than 1000 frames so frame 1 needs a file name with 001 at the end. If there were more than 1000 frames in a sequence then the names for the lower values would need more. e.g. 1 would need to be 0001 and 100 would need to be 0100.

    This is how I renamed your provided sequence. It works as expected.

    This is how your sequence was named.

    In your case .1 and .10 are ordered similarly.

    As a human you are looking at the names with a "." followed by a number. What is there is just a name of text. Some of which are characters which can be interpreted as numbers. For image sequences the last characters are supposed to be digits. Hitfilm is sorting/ordering the file names by text. Hitfilm is not parsing the name, and assuming the last characters are digits and converting those to numbers and then ordering the filename that way.

    It is pretty normal/common for apps that generate images sequences to output leading zeros in the frame numbers. Look back at my earlier post and you can see I am telling ffmpeg to output frame numbers as 3 digit sequence numbers.

  • Thanks I really appreciate that but it's also kind of weird how After Effects can handle that exact same sequence with the way that I named it.

  • AE may be doing the parsing thing I previously mentioned.

    With textual sort/ordering in Hitfilm you could name your images as .a .b .c and so on. Or .aa .ab .ac. It should work.


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