Looking for a 3D Model, can anyone help me out?

TL;DR at bottom. I've been looking for a 3D model for a short film I'm making, but I can't find anything anywhere so maybe the forums can help me out.

So there's this scene in my movie where the final seven characters who have been torn apart throughout three movies are finally uniting in one final stand against this alien army. They are circled around this device that threatens their planet, protecting it. They fight off the aliens in a valiant last stand, very much similar to this scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron.


My original plan was to film the actors in front of a green screen, but I had a new idea: what if they all got new, tech-filled suits. Something like the white suits in Avengers: Endgame. Something that would unite the team with a common suit... but it was also mean I can just use motion capture for the entire fight scene (the aliens were also mocap anyways) so this would make the entire scene a lot easier than working with 2D green screen.

TL;DR I need a rigged 3d model, from $0-$100, of an armor of some sort. Something similar to Iron Man or Tron in look. I don't care about colour I can always recolour. If you have time please help me look!



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    What sites have you looked at? 

  • @Triem23 So far, TurboSquid, CGTrader, Yeggi.

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    @HeySiri ; Did a Google search and found theses results.  


    Scanning through I found this one that was relatively inexpensive but it's not rigged:


    I purchased it for Blender to play with trying to add a rig to it since I did manage to rig a fish (my first rig :) )

    Edit: 1 caveat - Just found out it is created with Blender 2.8

  • @tddavis Did it rig easily? I have no real experience creating rigs. But I do like that armor and it's fairly cheap.

  • @HeySiri ;  I haven't had the chance to get it parented yet, but I did use the add-on Rigify in Blender to create a nice armature and got it sized about right then had to leave until later today to do the grandpa thing with grandkids; getting 2 off to school and watching a third until time for the bus this afternoon  :)  If I get it going, I'll post a video of it in action and if you decide to get the same model I'll post the rig to link to it.

  • @tddavis thank you! That model definitely looks like it would work if its easy to rig.

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    @HeySiri ; :) Well, that will be a relative task.  For someone who knows what they are doing, I'll bet it's simple, but like I said, I've done a fish so it may take a bit of finagling for me but should be doable...or, at least, I hope.

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    @HeySiri ; Don't get that model.  I have tried everything to get an armature parented to it and it will NOT!  I thought maybe I was doing something wrong so I found a basic human figure and had no trouble linking it to a rig.  Studying it now to see what is different about that it won't link up, and I'll keep a lookout for a different model cheap or free.

    Found this one at CGTrader.  Not on sale it's $50 but it is rigged:


  • @tddavis thanks for the warning. I like that other one you found. I also like the space suit look, so I can give it an in-movie explanation of they them need to to go wherever they’re going. I’m not even sure where the final battle will take place, but it’’ definitely be a digital location.

    Thank you for the help finding models!

    Does the one you linked come with all the textures and everything, just needs to be animated?

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    @HeySiri ; Without buying it, as best as I can tell from the description it comes with not only materials and PBR textures but also about a 100 animations already to go.  It comes in FBX and a few other formats; FBX is one that Hitfilm will read.  It says you can get other conversion by asking, too. While they have the 40% off sale I should  go ahead and grab it to throughly vett it for use in Blender and or Hitfilm... hmmm.

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    Most sites that sell models usually list what's included. CG Trader list them under 3D model formats and 3D model details. Look at right sidebar.

    The particular model Terry shared may or may not work for you. 

    • 3D Studio (.3ds) -Contact for availability
    • OBJ (.obj, .mtl) -Contact for availability

    Included items appear to be:

    • Textures
    • Materials
    • UV Mapping

    It looks there there are also 136  111 animations attached - but that doesn't mean they will work straight away in Hitfilm

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    @HeySiri ; Got the model and imported the FBX into Hitfilm and a few of the animations and made this little quickie for appraisal.  I haven't had a chance to reallocate the textures yet, but I had to up the opacity on the materials as they came in transparent and all black to start with.  I tried importing into Blender but it lost all the textures there as well so I put in a request for Blender conversion if available.  These animations do make it move like-like though. 

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2dggnbcvrfz3r6r/Armor Model with Animations.mp4?dl=0


    Edit:  Got the chance in between grandkids' messes to play with textures (Again this is all in Hitfilm):

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsjopfrknzes4h2/Armor6_Mesh with bkg.mp4?dl=0

  • @tddavis so you're recommending the purchase? It definitely has all the looks I need for the movie.

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     @HeySiri ; I think the 2nd one is easier to work with and those built in animations are handy and it's all Hitfilm friendly. I caught it today at 40% off so it was only $30 but regularly it's $50.  I don't know how that works with your budget.  But if I have been able to get this far with animations and and texturing in Hitfilm this quickly today it had to be super simple to work with.  I'm still going to work on it in Blender and see if I can figure out why that 1st one won't parent up to the skeleton, and what I can do with there as well.  I used the same procedure with a free mesh that was lower quality and of an anime character and it worked there.  There's something odd with $12 one for sure.  I'm rendering out a Cineform Avengers circle pan like you mentioned with transparent bkg.  You'll probably have to bring it into Hitfilm to watch it though as I can't find any program other than that to play them.  I'll edit this in a bit when it's done.

    Edit:  Wow!  That was HUGE!!!  I re did it as an image sequence instead.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/3m7px78710q57gc/Circle the Wagons.zip?dl=0

    Side note: I also got retextured and looking pretty in Blender, but having trouble making the visor sort of transparent.  There's a head in there but it can't be seen.  BTW, the red and gray material looks really nice.

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    I think I'm going to have to contract @tddavis to do my heavy lifting. I'm younger I am sure of  that (59 for two years now) but he has more smarts than I do for sure.

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    @GrayMotion ; Oh, so not true on both accounts.  I turn 62 this August so by my quick math we must be the same age, and positlutely, definitely not smarter :)  Just tenacious...like a bulldog... I stepped outside my usual comfort zone with this little project and learned some things today so it was a good relatively low-cost lesson.

    Oh, and for the Circle the Wagons PNG sequence I had to go back to @Triem23 's Hitfilm U series on Cameras Part 13.  Something else I had never done before.

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    @HeySiri ; Did a bit more playing with the model in Blender.  I'm a little stuck on a couple points; I can't figure out where to add the Emissive texture without it turning the rest black so I must work on that still, but I can change the color scheme quite easily and I managed to get the faceplate adjustable to see inside and played with putting a texture from a lesson I bought a while back.  Somewhere around here I have a texture of me but I can't find it to save my life.  In theory, I think it is possible to apply a video texture to the head, but I'll need to research that much more. Also, I have to figure out how to import those animations into Blender. Here is a still from Blender renders.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxgybqey2h9c8jw/Armor display.png?dl=0

    Edit: Had an epiphany while getting ready to go to the store, and the lights now work!!!  It was so simple I'm ashamed I had to think that hard. 

  • @tddavis I never watched the file you linked a post ago—I was about to when a friend showed up at my house earlier than I thought he’d be, etc. I’ll be busy today, with endgame  taking up three hours if my evening, but I’ll look at the files ASAP. Thanks for finding the model!

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    @HeySiri ; Oh, no worries.  At your leisure... I'll be watching Endgame myself this evening... I hope!  It'll be there from now on I imagine.


    You've heard the saying 'couldn't find my head unless it was sewn on,' well, found mine:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/11967vijgp9s4b6/My Head in Suit.png?dl=0

    This was done about 50 pounds heavier and makes me way more bald, but got rid of a couple decades of living :)  There is a weird glitch in the texture though on my forehead..

    Edit again: Here are 2 PNG sequences with the base head mockup in Blender with dying animations:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/p43zsg4zimopixq/Dying animations Blender PNG seq.zip?dl=0

    And a Running one:

    MP4 Preview

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2su1j2qbmtxj0ol/Running PNG Seq.zip?dl=0

  • @tddavis thanks for all your help! I will likely be purchasing that model then the time comes around...

    But now I am looking for a new model. It's hard to explain, but the villain in my movie is based off Thanos, in that he's large and intimidating. However, I don't care whether he's an alien or a robot. I just need something big. I could just get a robot or alien model and scale it up but I wanted it to be physically somewhat "buff" in appearance. I've tried looking but haven't found anything yet... could anyone help?


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    @HeySiri ; Not sure what you're looking for in an alien but:


    also there is a nice hulking suit of armor there for $30 and rigged:


    Getting ready to post a prelim shot I've been playing with using that armor model and video of my head in my user gallery.

    Edit: Found this Free one


  • @tddavis I like the first one, the second one is a bit too human (human medieval armor) and the third one just too demonic... he is supposed to be somewhat human, like Thanos, but I did find the first 3d model to be a possible contender.

  •  @HeySiri ; I liked that the first one was cheap and it was rigged and animated like that suit from the other post.  I keep that one in mind when I'm browsing.

  • @HeySiri... how complex of a rig do you want?  What are your needs?

  • @Andersen01498 I want to rig it up for motion capture so I’m not sure exactly what I need in the model... I’m not fluent in...  3d modeling and rigging.

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    @HeySiri ; As I have been playing with that armor model and the included animations, got to thinking about you wanting to do mocap and the expense it will add.  Found this just now:


    It might better in the long run to use a library of motions and then hand tweak the animation to get super specific actions you want.  Like, for instance,  use the base walk, but add in an arm motion of a wave.  I'm going to download these for fun when I get back to my computer.

  • @tddavis unfortunately the mocap actions are too specific for me to be able to use just library effects with tweaking. There's supposed to be a huge fight scene and it's difficult to explain but, for some scenes I'll definitely need to use mocap.

  •  @heysiri what software are you using.... are you on a budget, would you want to pay someone to animate for you?

  • @Andersen01498 to be honest I don't know what software yet for the recording mocap itself, but I'll be using Blender and Hitfilm for sure.

    All though, just animating myself wouldn't be such a bad thing, because then fight scenes would in a way be easier since I could line up punches perfectly.

    But I could also just do the mocap and then tweak it to be perfect...

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