Yay you guys listened! New bug came out of it!

4/17/2019 update brought support for MP3 audio types in MP4 files, which I asked for yesterday, which is pretty cool, except that those files still don't have the audio tab on it's layer in composite shots. The MP4 file that I made sure yesterday had AAC audio has the audio tab in composite shots, I can turn up or down the volume, but the MP4 files that still have MP3 audio don't have this slider/tab, so I can't turn down the volumes of those layers. Thank you for listening to my request, but a new bug has sprung up because of that. Help!


  •  Noticed something: re-importing the files into the composite shots fixed this, the new layers have audio tabs, and fortunately I didn't put any effects onto these layers, but I was planning to, imagine if I already did...so this still needs to be fixed...

    In other words: Using file made in version most recent on 4/16, opening that file in Hitfilm Express 4/17 allowed me to use the MP3 audio in MP4 format, but Hitfilm still seems to think that those composite shot layers don't have audio, and I have to bring these files back into the composite shots to reset this.

    Forgot to put specs:

    PC Specs: Acer Aspire VX5

    (Laptop) Intel Core i7 7700-HQ 2.8Ghz

    (Laptop) Nvidia GTX 1050Ti

    16GB Ram

    256GB SSD

    2TB HDD

    Hitfilm Express 12 (4/17/2019)

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