HitFilm Express refuses to open.

I've had this strange problem, at first it was HitFilm lagging my pc and crashing it. I updated it, only for problems to become worse. I've reinstalled numerous times only for the same result, I've tried HitFilm 2017, and Hitfilm Pro only to get the same result. First it starts as just an icon on my task bar, clicking anywhere opens a black screen. Clicking again the program crashes entirely, I haven't made it to the activation screen once. As for my specs my computer is not even outdated.

Windows 10 Pro

Memory 16 GB DDR4

Graphics card, Radeon RX 570 series 8 GB

CPU AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-core Processor (16 CPUs),~3,4GHz

I've also updated my graphics card drivers to see if that fixed it, still no results.


  • Who's the manufacturer of the system or mobo? Do you run any antivirus software?

  • The computer is one I built myself, as for anti virus the only one that I own is malwarebytes. And I've closed it out with the problem still persisting.



    I've discovered if I create a new user in windows 10 and load it inside that new user. It loads successfully and I can finally edit videos again.

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