a scene from an upcoming thing


What do you think?  (The person in the shot is my friend.)

In theaters soon.


  • Looking good! Can't wait to see the full thing!

  • @Mistery1307 ; Really good sync with the smoke and sound to the gun motion.  Very believable interaction apart from the toy gun look.  But these days it's far safer filming in public with them.  Since you obviously have tracking skills, have you thought about using green painted "guns" (just some wood cut in the proper shape painted green)  and replace them with a 3D model gun?

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    @tddavis No, because I really don't have the 3d model import, and no experience in VFX with blender.

  • The only thing *I* wish for is to go to 7th grade next year to have kids that can actually HELP with the VFX.

  • @Mistery1307 ; Ah, I forgot you were on Express and you do a good job with it. My tracking is abysmal in Hitfilm and Blender and while I do a little Blender work, I wouldn't attempt it there either. :)  With your skill level at your age there should be a bunch of classmates wanting to collaborate, but I get what you are saying about actual help.  Once you graduate and enter the workforce you'll find it's the same there too; one guy does the majority of the work while others coast. :(

  •  @mystery1307 as I said in the full short film that this is part of, nice work. You're doing great, especially at your age. If you don't find anyone at school to help you with vfx, I recommend you try working with people online who want to do this kind of thing. I was listening to a lecture from Billy West, the voice actor who's done Futurama, Bugs Bunny and many others, who told people to collaborate online with other people who are serious about production. I think it's great advice. When I was your age, we couldn't connect with people from far away, but now with the internet and forums, it's possible. Also, since Blender is free, it's probably worth your time to watch a tutorial and mess around with it.

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