"Elapsed" time cycles back to 00:00:00 after 24 hours

The "Elapsed" counter in Export goes to 00:00:00 after 24 hours. I guess, it might be the same with "Remaining"? I think there should be either a day counter or the hour counter should go above 24.


  • @GborKoszper

    Thanks, I'll look into changing this.

    I wasn't expecting export times to exceed 24 hours...

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DannyDev 🤔 wanna see a 20 second shot that took 43 hours to render? Oh, yeah  happens all the time.

  • @Triem23 This is seriously a common use case in HF now?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited April 2019

    @DannyDev the shot I'm thinking of was in Hitfilm 3!

    No, in seriousness, it's often been a case in NLEs. It, of course  depends on what you're doing. 

    We don't know Gbor's specs or project, but let's drop in a hypothetical case: Perhaps Gbor has a long timeline - like a 2 hour game stream that got screencapped at 60fps at a really low bitrate, like 3-4 mbps (like an OBS file). Even with hardware decode this is a terribly performing file. Maybe he has a watermark over the entire thing - so every frame has a Composite. Maybe some speed ramps to slow down awesome kills and speed up wandering. Nothing too heavy, but what if he's on an old i3 or AMD without hardware acceleration. It's not unreasonable to assume Hitfilm might be taking a quarter of a second to render a frame. Not too bad (in 20 years of video work I've almost never had anything render real-time), but.... It's a time factor of 15:1, and that takes a 2 hour stream up to 30 hours of rendering!

    I don't have your marketing data, but, I bet if you ask Kirstie or Oli, a significant portion of users do gaming/twitch videos and those can be long. 

    It's not always about a 10 sec effects test or 1-5 min short film! 

    Probably not anywhere near the most common usage scenario, but, if only 1% of Hitfilm users cut 2+ hour videos that's roughly 40k users who might experience 24+ hour renders.

    I never noticed as I'm used to SMPTE time code which maxes out at 23:59:59:>last frame<. 

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