Avengers : Anybody Assemble.

Made for a 'Lego only' stop motion contest. 
I actually do just 3 Lego figures but I couldn't find Batman. 

Interesting the difference animating between Mega Construx figures and Lego.
I still prefer the more articulated Mega figures but it was much simpler to animated with Lego. Simply yhere were less moving parts. On the other hand I understand why some of the Lego animators are so creative. You have to think much more about conveying movement.

@FilmSensei Thanks for the templates. I know I used the bare minimum but saved me a ton of time.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hah, hah! Nicely done. For a minute there I thought you'd go full "Duck Amuck" and make yourself as animator the villain! 

  • Nice as usual, but a minor point has been bugging me for a while... can you please consider using a different font than Arial for your text? It just looks so...Default. Just don't replace it with Comic Sans... ;)

  • @triem23 I might try and find out why these figures were able to break the 4th wall. There must be a reason 
    @Palacano OK, understood. I *have* to use it for the disclaimer in the Star Trek videos.
    I did mix the fonts up a bit on this one but probably didn't realise I had left one as Arial.

  • It's actually the 'PRESENTS' in all Caps on its own screen that makes me flinch slightly; especially right after your great logo. Could something fade in below the logo after a second or two in similar colours, perhaps?

    But, I'm picky about the weirdest of things, so... ;)

  • @Palacano ; Ahhh OK.

    Interestingly, much like lines in a script, I was questioning what the 'PRESENTS' was adding to the story other than a few seconds. I even reduced the amount of time it was on screen.

    Maybe it just doesn't belong thereat all in any font?


  • Nice!! had me laughing, and that thumbnail is excellent.

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    I'm not sure removing it entirely is necessary. It serves the purpose of introducing you to the title, rather than just branding it with just Logo>Episode.  It could also fade in/whatever below the logo, which could shrink slightly to make room?

    Think whether you want it all caps or not. Depends on the font, of course, as some are only caps, or big and small caps.  'Presents' is (IMO) a little friendlier than 'PRESENTS!!!!" (just to show the extremes)

    Fonts styles have their own meaning and it can serve a transition/introduction to the text, or episode, style that will follow, so if there is other text later, it will be consistent for that. It can do more than fade up and down. Even a simple 45 degree Gradient Wipe rather than a fade would add a little more interest, That's what I meant by it looking 'Default'. Looking deliberate is always better; whatever you do. 

    Here are some font examples, although as you do more than Star Trek,  you could maybe consider genre consistent fonts for each type of animation, or something that's just not Arial for all of them?

    Personally, I think the font used for the episode titles on the box art below looks OK, but they don't say what it is.

    Try this, where you can type your text and see how it looks. There are quite a few fonts here, you can select more than the half a dozen that pop up, with the slider at the side.

    But really, it's just a font and I'm just one person, so use your own time more productively than I've just spent the last 15 minutes. ;)


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    @Xhan47 ; Thanks. Thumbnails are yet another area to think about. Glad you liked it 

    @Palacano Got it. Every bit of feedback and advice helps and, as some point, will stick. 😉

    I'm also trying to understand how to add a musical score to a film. Yet another area to consider. 
    I am told you match the emotion of the music with the emotion of the scene but, at the moment, it's one thing too many. What I will be trying to do is *always* have some ambient noise unless there is a specific reason for it to be missing. 
    The other problem I face is having (what I consider) a couple of really good short stories on the to-do list. 
    Do I just do them or wait until I've improved enough to do them justice?


  • @DafterThings

    Welcome. Yup, very much so.

  • Been wanting to ask: What templates from @FilmSensei did you use? (Might want to use some myself.)

    Also, where can I get my hands on that Avengers font?

  • @xhan47 ; They are very useful.



    They include a link to the HF12 project files in the description BUT they are resource heavy,

  • @DafterThings Thank you.   And thanks for the heads up as well.

  • Great work once again!

  • @kiplake thanks.

    There are two videos I want to get as right as possible.... When Darkness Falls and a Firefly inspired 'pilot' called Bardo

    I apologise for putting them on a separate to-do list but I really want to do them justice.
    Spartan Pooh 3 and 4 might comes first plus Star Trek : Last of the Originals

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