A noob needs help!


I have a problem and it is such that I have no real idea what is causing it, 

Around april 10th something happened to my laptop that caused things to slow down alot(as in alot alot). My browser (Opera) slowed down, audacity slowed down, and the system itself slowed down. I tried a game (minecraft) and it was too laggy to do anything.

But the program most affected is Hitfilm Express. What used to take 45-60min in rendering all of a sudden takes 3,5-4,5 hours! It is the same recordings, the same sound, the same effects - everything (I use the same template (.hfp file) and just subsitute the old parts with the new)

The only thing I noticed happening was that my computer said "update & shut down" and when I startet it up it again the next day it was slow. 

The updates was: one for windows 10, and one for Adobe flash player. 

I have been in contact with several Microsoft employees that rummaged through my computer without coming up with any solutions, and they all swear that it couldn't possible be the win10 update. (I am of course suspecious of this, because when has a multi billion dollar company ever admitted fault). 

So my questions/plead is:

1) Could an Adobe FLash PLayer update cause all of this?
2) Are microsoft probably lying to me and it is really their update that is at fault?

if not 1) or 2):

3) Do you have any idea what could cause this and how to undo it? 

I really hope someone can help me out! 

-Thanks for reading!


  • I know zero about computers, but I’d suggest removing the things you recently installed. If better then reinstall one at a time and see if/when issue starts again. If it does then use an older version of those installations if possible.

    if it doesn’t after removing, then wait for more computer literate answers from the others on here.

  • @TheLightWithin ; This is purely anecdotal to illustrate a point and not intended to be your issue, I recent fiddled with a laptop for a friend that was stuck in some kind of boot cycle check and would never complete boot.  Turned out the whole drive had to be reformatted because it had been in the middle of a an exceptionally sloooow update when the battery died and it corrupted the update.  (That update took 16 hours to complete after I got it up and going)  My point is that a bad update can have unusual effects, so definite take the "so-called" support claims with a grain of salt...maybe a whole shaker :)  GodofThunder above has the best advice for this, I think.  Plus, myself, I would start with the Adobe flash update.  There are a lot and I mean a lot of Flash player update pop ups that are totally bogus and infect the computer with malware so depending on where you downloaded that from it might be a good idea to use something like Malwarebytes Free and scan the crap out of your system before going to a lot of hoops.  

  • Ah..real bummer. Flash is widely known as the entry point for many a security breach. Backdoor malware installation, and data collection have found their ways onto many computers thanks to the holes in Flash’s security. Fact is Adobe will be discontinuing support for Flash by 2020.

    "There are a lot and I mean a lot of Flash player update pop ups that are totally bogus and infect the computer " @tddavis has the best advice BUT I doubt that just any Maleware scanner will be able to find the problem. Be very selective and scrutinize Maleware programs with a fine toothed comb before installing and running.

    Best advice is  to never use flash! If the site you are going to requires Flash to be installed...Move on. If you absolutely think you need Flash then please read this page: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html

    Good luck


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