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Hi there,

I've just purchased HF Pro 12 and was a bit shocked to see that it didn't copy both audio tracks from the file - I'm coming over from Vegas Pro 15, which does this perfectly; here's what I'm working with:  Recording CFR in OBS at 1080p 60f with two audio tracks, in MKV format.  I understand the editors don't support MKV, so I have OBS auto remux to MP4.

When I edit, I just drop the MP4 into Vegas and it gives me three tracks; one video and two audio.  I suppose this isn't surprising since it was designed first to be an audio program.  But why doesn't HF show the other tracks?  As it stands, I'm currently stuck editing with Vegas, but I seriously want to make the move to HF to start incorporating better effects to make my videos more entertaining.

This second issue is about the website...  Where is the search function?  I was looking for a bar to see if anyone had posted this issue already, but couldn't find anything. :/




  • Hitfilm only supports one audio track per media file. The first one.

    The search forum search feature is the little magnifying glass icon at the bottom. Really the better search is to do a Google "site:" search.

  • Thanks for responding.

    That's pretty concerning to only be able to have one audio track...

    Also, thanks for the head's up.  I'll check Google.

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    It would be nice if Hitfilm read multiple audio tracks, but, since that's not possible I must assume  the particular library used for decode does not support that.

    To be niggling, the original mp4 spec only supports a single audio track. Those programs that write multiple audio tracks are technically "hacking" the codec. Many of Hitfilm's libraries seem to be very rigid in sticking to earlier original-spec file formats. 

    If you still have Vegas you can quickly render out audio track 2 as WAV or mp3. Another thought if you still have Vegas is use it for editing and Hitfilm to do advanced VFX to import to the Vegas timeline. That's my workflow. Add Ignite Express and you get a lot of Hitfilm effects directly in Vegas. 

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