HitFilmExpress_x64_12.2.8707.07201.msi crashed on startup

Hello all,

I have turned off AVG anti-virus software and reinstall the HitFilm express, but the issue still exists.


My system is as follows:

windows 8.1 64 bit
Intel i7-3612QM CPU @2.10GHz

Ram 8GB

Video card: Intel HD Graphics 4000(driver 2013)

I cannot upgrade to the latest version of graphics card due to compatible issues reported by the installer.

What else I can do to fix it issue?


Thank you



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I think you'll need to contact Support directly for this. If you have a six-year-old GPU driver that's probably your issue. Perhaps Support can help you with a driver update because your laptop blocking driver updates for "compatibility issues" really makes no sense. 


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    The Lenovo website only provides the driver version of 2013 for Intel HD Graphics 4000.

    Based on the hitfilm specification,  Intel HD Graphics 4000 (GT2) (2012) is supported. The intel website does provide some new version driver for HD Graphics 4000, however, I am not able to install on my Laptop due to the compatibility issues reported by the installer.

    Thank you

  • @q0987

    The card is supported, but HitFilm still needs a recent version of the driver. 

    I would guess that unless Lenovo made some sort of modification to the graphics card, your card is a stock Intel HD 4000, meaning that theoretically, you should be able to install the most recent driver.

    Are you still using the Lenovo branded version of Windows that came with your PC? If so, there is probably some Lenovo software preventing the update.  I'm going to guess that you're on Windows 7? Unfortunately this makes it harder to clear out the Lenovo software... But you could try going into Add or remove programs and uninstalling everything with Lenovo in the name.... Particularly any "Driver Manager" or "Update Manager" type of software.

    Like Triem said, you may want to try getting in contact with support. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    As of November 2018 Intel requires drivers to downloaded via this tool: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html

    That may be the problem. 

  • triforcefx ,

    As shown in the original post, my system is windows 8.1 64bit, the original Lenovo OS come with the laptop. I downloaded the latest driver from intel website but the installation failed due to compatible issues.



    I will try the above detect tool again and see any new driver can be installed. 

    Thank you

  • My eyes totally skipped over that bit...

    If it doesn't let you get new drivers with the tool, once again, try deleting as much Lenovo software as possible

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    Hello Triem23,

    I ran the intel update and it says my system is updated to the latest version.

    As you can see, the latest version is 2013.


    Your Intel® software is up to date.

    Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.33]

    • Adapter CompatibilityIntel Corporation
    • Video ProcessorIntel® HD Graphics Family
    • Resolution1680 x 1050
    • Bits Per Pixel32
    • Number of Colors4294967296
    • Refresh Rate - Current59 Hz
    • Refresh Rate - Maximum75 Hz
    • Refresh Rate - Minimum59 Hz
    • Driver ProviderIntel Corporation
    • Driver Version10.18.10.3277
    • Driver Date8/19/2013
    • Adapter DAC TypeInternal
    • Adapter RAM2.06 GB
    • AvailabilityRunning at full power
    • StatusThis device is working properly.
    • LocationPCI bus 0, device 2, function 0
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Not even close. The most recent Intel Driver is March 22, 2019. In fact  the Intel tool told you that. 

    Notice the latest version isn't your installed version. You're out of date. 

    Yeah, Lenovo is blocking driver updates. @triforcefx is on to something. 

    Again  I recommend contacting support: https://fxhome.com/questions/submit

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    The Intel driver support assistant utility will not update a driver it thinks in an OEM video driver. It gets easily confused.

    I have an Intel NUC MediaPC. Nothing OEM. All me. If I have the Windows basic driver installed and then let the Intel driver assistant run it will install a driver of it's choosing. Subsequently, like after an immediate reboot, the driver assistant will say the video driver is an OEM driver.

    This happens on my NUC. Can't comment about any other installation.

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    @NormanPCN good data. Hopefully later I remember to pull it and add it to my notes. I anticipate more issues with Intel Driver updates for HF users in the future. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @NormanPCN so... Sanity check me. Would it be a viable tactic for q to delete the Intel Driver to revert to the generic Windows driver to trick the Intel Updater? 

  • @Triem23 deleting the existing driver could work. Especially if there was no other way to get the original driver, the update tool might use the only available version it has- the latest version. However, there's also a good chance that the computer is only configured to install drivers that are signed by Lenovo, in which case this may not work.

    As I mentioned before, unless Lenovo is using a custom version of the HD 4000, or for some reason the motherboard doesn't support the latest drivers, it should be theoretically possible to get the latest driver version on OPs machine. 

    Uninstalling Lenovo software has a pretty good chance of working, though Lenovos modifications may go deeper than just the bloatware. If it goes deep into the registry and Lenovos custom Windows image,  then the best option would be to reinstall Windows with a image directly from Microsoft

    If it were me, I'd use Windows 10's "fresh start" feature which removes all the manufacturer junk and writes a clean image of Windows directly from Microsoft. Unfortunately, OP is not on Windows 10 (though last I checked, he could probably still upgrade for free) and in my experience, most users are completely opposed to anything to do with reinstalling.

  • Hello all,

    I have submitted a ticket to the support team of hitfilm.

    Also here is the response email from Lenovo:

     OEM can only guarantee tested drivers from its support site. Any other drivers sources would be user's responsibility so best to always have a back up before any changes are made. 

     Microsoft built in drivers doing Windows update may be a source but you can first try checking directly with Intel. Other options are third party driver packs like discussed here.

     I hope this helps answer your query.

    Update us how it goes.


  • @Triem23 Yes, that is a tactic I have done.

    In fact I did that yesterday. Strange thing was the Intel updater did not install the most current/recent driver. It installed one from October 2018. 24.x.x vs the current 25.x.x. Not that old, but not the most recent.

    Also, for me, the stand alone installer behaves the same as the updater app. It will not update a driver it thinks is an OEM driver. Again, you have to uninstall the current driver to get to the basic driver and then install your new  driver.

    I'll probably uninstall that 24.x driver installed yesterday and manually install the 25.x driver myself. I already downloaded the appropriate install file.

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