Bugs in hitfilm?

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I have encountered  strange behaviours in hitfilm that were not taking place in older versions and I think they are some bugs. But please, feel free to correct me if I´m wrong.

1: When doing some VFX work in a comp. , effects (Like heat distorsion), are afecting the X and Y "Axis" in hitfilm. This is cousing an inestable experience for a user. Image:   


2: Keyframes are not updating in real time during playback.








  •  i'm not sure what the issue is you're looking at with heat distortion.  it looks like it's distorted it as you'd expect.  which means everything will appear to be distorted...  so it's hard to comment on that one.


    with the Key Frame issue.  it looks like you may have done an oopsie on them.  they're not doing anything.  i don't think it's a real time update issue or anything.  go back to your first key frame and check it's where it's meant to be.  then scub forward and check that one. 
    if you're still having a problem, delete the first key frame and see if that makes a difference.  if not.  delete both of them and just redo them. 

    just an FYI (in case you're half asleep as i usually are when i do oopsies), the 2nd one is what it will change to so really you don't always need the first one and sometimes you set the first one then scrub forward.  not thinking you set the 2nd one and actually haven't changed anything in the first place (have done this a couple of times)

    but your screen isn't changing the information even when static

  • In version 12, the viewer and the rest of the interface were separated... This may have affected how the numbers update during playback.

  • Thank you! I have reported both errors to hitfilm support and they told me that the issue has been communicated to the hitfilm developers.

  • @8KMAX Both of these have always behaved like that. #1 is because of how the axis are being rendered, I'm not sure we would want to change this. #2 is a performance optimization, updating all values when playing back can affect the framerate of playback so we disable it. You can still view the values by scrubbing the playhead as you've done in your video.

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    so have have a problem with my videos.
    when i put my video into my timeline, there is a yellow sign on my video in the media section, and that leads to my video on the timeline, dosent have sound. and the 2nd problem i have, is that: every time i try and put some gameplay of me playing a game, its just crashes, every time, i have tried it many times, but with the samen result...

    and now i cant even open hitfilm, it says that: there are allready another hitfilm tap open, but i cant see it open anywere, i checked Job list

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    MattiPulle   More than likely there is an obscure process for Hitfilm that didn't close out when you had a crash.  If you try restarting your system that should close it without trying to track down exactly which process it is in the task manager.  As for the yellow shield, it sounds like your video file might be a format not compatible with Hitfilm.  The gurus on here will need to know your system specs and, if possible see a MediaInfo text report on the file causing your issues.  I believe I saw a thread the other day giving detailed instructions on the program which is free btw; I'll see if I can find it and edit in a link. 

    Ah, found it.  It's a video tutorial:


    Hope this helps, and from what I gather from reading here for a WHILE, gameplay vids are problematic for Hitfilm and usually requirement transcoding to a Hitfilm friendly format.

  • but every video i have editet before, is the same file as now, so it should work

  • @MattiPulle ; Oh, sorry, I thought this was the first time you tried editing with Hitfilm.  My mistake. Unless you recently upgraded your version of Hitfilm, I know of no reason it should suddenly act that.  You might need to open a support ticket to get the Hitfilm staff to look into it.  You by going here.  Sorry I didn't help.

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