Customizable muzzle flashes!

Here's a bundle of muzzle flashes that are customizable! Includes:

  • Side Flares from 2 angles
  • Main body flares from 2 angles
  • Conjoined flares from 2 angles
  • In both individual PNG's(for single shots) or video!(for rapid fire)
  • 593 ASSETS!

Here's the link!

*I don't take credit for the assets in this, they belong to NO LOGIC FILMS. I just compiled them!


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    I've combined your two threads. 

    Just so you know I've also contacted No Logic Films. There's a balancing act. The forum wishes to encourage sharing of media assets, but we also don't want to infringe on copyrighted work. If you'd linked to No Logic Films, then the link would be no problem. Since you've compiled third party assets (thank you for crediting the artists), I'm checking with them this is ok. 

    If this thread goes away, then No Logic Films asked me to delete it. If not  then they're cool with the share  in which case, thanks for hooking everyone up with muzzle flashes  :D

  • @Triem23 If it matters, they gave it away here:


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    If it's all material tgey are giving away, you're probably cool, but, they might prefer the traffic to their own site and channel. Thanks for the clarification. 👍

  • There's no download link, it says to just download the video itself.

  • Well I've updated this so now it contains both a view from a 25 degree angle and a straight side angle!

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    Alright, it's time for the MEGA UPDATE! This update to the pack of flashes adds two new types!

    1. A pistol flash from a 45° angle!
    2. A rifle flash from a 45° angle!

    As always, there are image files of every frame containing a flash, for single shots.

    This means there are now 740 FILES across 10 folders in this pack!

    This update also fixes the size of the side flares for the "All Flares | Front" assets.

    And that's really it, here's the link again:

  • *Filler comment because I'm pretty proud of this.

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