3D Object - Flickering when Keyframing Cam Position



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    Much better @tddavis. Might I suggest...pump up specular color to 160 and create a grey plane and hide it. Use that as your Environment Map. Brighten things up a bit. Nice job with a crappy model!

  • @GrayMotion ; Thanks.  I was actually thinking of taking the scratched metal texture into GIMP and brightening it there but will try your way first.  I also just got this in email and thought it might be appropriate to the tips you and Triem23 have put out there.  I've had many look like the bad example and never to look for their suggested fix.



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    @tddavis yup, that's a good tip. Given it myself.

    As a rule, the minimum value I use is 8. That's pretty low, but allows for pure black in space.

    Conversely, never use a color above 225 for textures. That leaves room for specular highlights and glows without clipping white.

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    Next problem here - Lights in the viewer are not working correctly. Point light does, but Spot for example not. Also using more than one light source does not display correctly. If I export lightning is working - but as I can't set the light correctly it is just gambling. Anybody else share the same experience?

    In Composite Workspace:




  • Testing Hitfilm Pro v12 render output for aliasing so nothing fancy. I'm still noticing some subtle aliasing in the back by the engine. What do you think?

    @GrayMotion Super awesome job. Skillful. :)


  • This is the best I can get out of the Star Destroyer Model. 3DS format worked best even if it is an old format. FBX seems to bring HF to its limits. Changed Illumination model to Cook-Torrance. 

    Adjusting World Transform screw up lightning for some reasons (see post above). So I leave this at default und adjusted only camera. Three lights (point as ambient, two spots -  the red one is more a test)


    Now I've to bring sound in line. If also have to learn to work with the animated lasers as well...

  • @Neptunos ; Quite a difference from your question post example, and the model you use has much more detailing (unless you added them yourself) on the decking.

  • You know what?

    I totally forgot about this as I've not downloaded your Destroyer model. If the mesh originally came in a .blend file, check to see if there are any modifiers on the mesh. Look for "Mirror, edge split, solidify, or bevel" Disregard if your mesh did not come from a .blend file.

    The only modifier that won't cause too much of a problem is "mirror" although it is a cheat so that you only need to model half of your object and most people know better than to not apply a mirror modifier, but if your mesh was modelled with any of the other modifiers that I mentioned, then that mesh is definitely not anywhere near being ready to be exported. The other modifiers are also a cheat when modelling but you can't get away with those because you can't get an accurate UV unwrap unless the modifiers are first applied. The downside is that when you apply those modifiers, they add extra geometry like flipped or double faces.   

  •  At first I thought it was the CG Geek tutorial model done in blender with the adaptive subdivision surface experimental version. But once I opened the model I am not quite sure it was from that tutorial blender build when I opened it in blender and took a look at the geometry cause there were tris and quads all over the place. Not sure either how the adaptive subdivision surface modifier could even begin to be applied and exported with the details that it brings in the rendered view in blender. Also not sure if a slight motion blur would help hide the edge aliasing but as for the faces and such that are getting the flickering like the normals or doubles I don't believe there is a way to hide or mask it to prevent them from flashing/flickering.


  • @spydurhank @FlyingBanana78 The Blend file that GrayMotion linked was by a Daniel74 and it does have a mirror modifier but thats's the only one I saw unless they had already been applied as Spydur noted.  I'm not sure about using motion blur but my Hitfilm has it activated (about the settings, I am lost).  I tried lightening it up per GrayMotion's post above but it still seems too dark to me.  I even lightened the texture in GIMP but it didn't lighten much.  Fiddling with the lights a bit now. The one right above looks great though.

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