functions don't work after changing shortcuts

so after changing my shuffle left, right, and set to contents short cuts to different buttons, when I use them all it does is stop the video and doesn't do what its supposed to.


  • What did you set them to? It's possible you have a conflict with another shortcut.

  • Can you set conflicting shortcuts without it warning you? Sounds like something for the wishlist.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    There are also a few keys Hitfilm just doesn't let you bind shortcuts to. Arrows, notably. I have never been able to bind shortcuts to the arrows. 

  • It is possible to bind shortcuts to arrows. But you need to delete default bind from arrows first, which is "Move Position Left/Right by 1 pixel".  That works for me. :)


  • edited March 19

    i binded shuffle right to 3 n made sure there was no conflict but it still doesn't work


    so i got it to work but i have to select viewer panel for it to work and when i try it in editor it just pauses my video.

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