Two short animations - Moonfield & Halfmarathon Crown

Hello my companions :)

Here you can see my latest two short animations:

One of the main goals was smooth and soft animation. Moonfield ended with overall 200 + moving layers and objects. Second one is about halfmarathon crown (run 5 of 7 runs to get the Crown medal) - also got few interesting aspects like one logo changing into another with particles or at the end writing inscription (it means "teaste life!").

In both working on manual bezier keyframes was essential.

Have a nice watch :)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Those are both excellent! Very elaborate animations, and some great designs in your graphics. Amazing work. :) 

    @GavinBarker just pointing these gorgeous commercial motion graphics vids out. Wow. 

  • What software was used, because nothing in there looks like it was done in Hitfilm? That's fine if you're just spamming nice looking work - which it is - but isn't this a Hitfilm Gallery?

  • Thats  quality work , well done Gelqone

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono nothing in there looks like it couldn't have been done in Hitfilm either. 

  • @Triem23 might be possible, but would take a lot longer in Hitfilm. it looks very AE-like, with the biggest hint being the text. Nothing there you would want to spend ages on in Hitfilm when AE does that in a few clicks. Also the bezier motion. Lots of easy ease, which looks very different when attempted in Hitfilm, as Value Graph just can't make the same shapes.

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     Thank you guys for nice words :)

    @Palacono, i will surprise you - except text animation (which i made in NewBlueFX Titler Pro), EVERYTHING i made in HitFilm Pro :) So it includes manual bezier motion with use of Value Graph :) Whole project is made in HFP, at the end only audio was added in Vegas, because it is easier to do it there.

    Only for text animation i use TitlerPro (in Moonfield animation + 5 animated icons at 1:10 - eps import in TitlerPro, in Running Crown only text shown on the map, as HFP v12 at last gives fine text creating tool), EVERYTHING ELSE i have done in HitFilm. I wouldn't make this topic if it hasn't been done in my lovely HitFilm :)

    I don't know AE but i don't think that making it in AE would take much faster - a looooot of custom, unique movement, where you just can't make it by automatic button.

    Thank you once more, it is very nice to "hear" that work is good, especially when i am at the beginning of creating something new in my life :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Gelqone for future reference:

    You can save and load Composite Shots to and from Projects. Same with "Published" comps in Hitfilm 12+. However saved Comps don't save nested/embedded comps. 

    You can use the Import Composite Shot function to load a Project file. This will load any/all Comps you want. If you choose a Comp with embedded comps this method will automatically pull all needed nested/embedded comps. 

    So, this should let you easily repurpose your own animations in future projects. If you start a project and kind of plan on saving pieces as "Templates" then import those for assembly, you can save your "custom presets."

    Hope that's helpful. Again, great work. 


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    Thank you @Triem23 :)

    I use Comps importing very often :) But haven't tried working with Templates - must check it!

    Also i don't know where i can find "published" variables - i find them nowhere :/ neither in Editor, nor on used comp

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    @Gelgone Wow!  Excellent MoGraph.

    I first watched the videos thinking the same as the others - that it was done in AE.   Totally pumped that this was HFPro.   Great work.  Look forward to more!

  • I'm glad to hear, thank you Stargazer54 

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