Color "Artifacts?" Imerge 1.0 Engine vs Imerge 2.0 Engine

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So i'm not sure what to call this, but I noticed while working on a raw file (RW2) from my GH4 using Imerge 2.0 RAW Engine  that some of the reflection of the lights on the embroidery I'm shooting shows off an odd tinge of purple, along with an odd reduction in the highlights

In contrast, switching back to Imerge 1.0 Raw Engine solves the issue.  Screenshot below: Bug.jpg


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    Just a thought:

    This might be the result of the engine attempting to pick up on Specular Lighting? Wild guess.

    Edit: If you guys want, i don't mind sharing an RW2 file with you via email

  • hey @Hictor - thanks for sharing this.

    Could you send in a support ticket and share a link to the RW2 file for us please:

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    Sorry if this seems over-cautious, but I submitted a ticket and for whatever reason, the name of the file sort of came and went so I'm not entirely sure if it actually went in with the attached RW2 file

    Can you confirm that it has been received? 

    Edit: Nvm. I got an email confirmation. 

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