How to remove background of normal family photo.

Is this even possible with Imerge? I have watched several tutorials and it seems that Imerge only works with Chroma Keyed subjects that are to be added to a background. My goal is to take one subject from a photo with a complex background and place them on another background. Is there a tutorial that explains how to do this? I suppose if Imerge is only for photographers that are creating photos on the spot, that would make sense. It would eliminate existing photos with complex backgrounds if there is no way to extract the subject using Imerge. I know we could use another product and bring the result into Imerge, but that would mean purchase of another photo product.



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    In general  for complex (non monocolor) backgrounds, masking always works. And that was Tuesday's tutorial.

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    Thanks Mike, I already watched this one with anticipation. But, it was still about green screen masking also. Axel used a garbage mask around the model, then pulled a key. He restored a green screened ice bucket by masking some of the top and keying out the green. When I first saw the picture above on the tutorial, I thought, "Yea! He is going to remove that model from the background and it will solve my problem. But.....alas, no. I will try the vector mask Axel used on the ice bucket, but I doubt I can get the detail close enough to get a person cleanly out of the photo.  Thanks again.

  • @DataDesign ; Since it is a still photo you are talking about, and Imerge isn't working for you, have you considered the Magic selector in G.I.M.P?  It is a free download and has a lot of the similar tools of PS, but it is a bit trickier to use if you've become accustomed to Adobe layout and selections. Just tossing it out there.

  • @tddavis good idea, I did not think of GIMP.  I do have several other photo apps, but was curious about Imerge because I own it.

    @Palacono yes I have seen that app. but did not think to try it  because I was curious about Imerge because I own it. My photo would be a good candidate because the subject is over half of the photo.

    Thanks all who replied.

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    @DataDesign ; I haven't had the chance to play with Imerge more than cursory exam when I installed it after the Humble Bundle purchase, but if it has a pen tool for drawing masks it would work the same as with GIMP or other photo software.  Until I found the Magic selection tool that's how I would cut people out of bkgs.  One thing Hitfilm, and I presume Imerge have though, is a much easier feather tool on least for me.  Maybe intuitive is a better descriptive.

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    Imerge differs in the sense that it revolves more around rotoscoping techniques, rather then quick tools that select a massive range of pixels (think marque tool, if you're familiar with photoshop)

    I made a quick video for you, although its not a step by step tutorial.

    If you want a proper tutorial, I have no issue recording one for you.

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    Thanks for that video. As a (very) new user of Imerge, I could see that you were getting results that were very much like what I am trying to achieve. I am still a bit fuzzy on exactly what steps to go through. In which case I would be in favor of a "proper tutorial".  I am familiar with the marque tool just from watching a lot of tutorials. I have never found that it works as shown. At least for me, I find it frustrating and then I just give up. The same is true for rotoscoping. I have a 5 year old photo that is sitting partially done for this very reason.

  • @datadesign coming right up good sir. 

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