Was pretty easy to make, I might make another with less heat distortion and depth of field blur.  But I was kind of happy how the forces kind of make it look like its being blown and spun by the wind


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    Wow, the Youtube compression really mangled this (at least on my machine - is it possible this was a brand new upload still processing?), so there's some nasty pixelization going on.

    Particle sim I assume? I can tell there's some really fun motion dynamics happening here. Lots of fun swirl in the flames. Hopefully a later viewing will look better? Not the animator's fault when Youtube compression kills detail.

  • its a cube shape system that is rotating, theres 4 diff systems in it at different speeds and lifetimes, there is turbulance, attraction, both weak and direction a little stronger going sideways, gives some decent motion.

  • Pretty! ;) I'm seeing a few artifacts, but no idea if it's different from what @Triem23 saw. My one suggestion (if you're taking suggestions) would be to integrate the text a little more by adding the Light Wrap effect, and perhaps add some heat distortion to it as well.

  •  I think the bad compression has something to do with the motion and how everything on screen is changing constantly, I think I read somewhere youtube has a hard time knowing what to do with that.  Though I'm not master of rendering settings either, and I did edit it in vegas after and render it at about 10mbps for the bitrate which is usually ok for 1080 footage on youtube, render it at 25mbps out of hitfilm.  I think it has to do with the amount of motion though.

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    @Dimipapa, partially. Mp4 compression is "lossy" one of the tricks it plays is to take pixels close to each other in color and make them the same. In theory  with a moving object one won't notice. In practice it's a problem with large areas of similar color  like fire, smoke, skies and shadows. Mp4 also compressed data in 8x8 pixel blocks, which you can see in the "squares" that appear.

    Then, as you noted, the more motion in a frame the more it has to be compressed - which makes the color and block compression worse!

    And YouTube is pretty darn low-bitrate. About half of Netflix's for comparison, or less than a quarter of a typical DSLR. 

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    As an aside I feel that my preview window performance is worse in HF12.  But my rendering in export is about 20% faster.  This comp took 6:23 in HF11 and 5:12 in HF12.

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