An entry for a stop motion contest which ended up a bit of a tech demo (albeit in my own lazy way).


  • Excellent!!!

  • @DafterThings

    So this is the video that my iron man video inspired..... cool.

    Great work, and best of luck with the contest!!!

    But where is the sock on his shoulder?

  • Cool and fun!!

    The best of luck with the contest!

  • Thanks everybody.

    Yep, this one is just a bit of fun written specifically for the contest so glad you enjoyed it.

    @xhan47 Yep. When your video finished with Tony Stark about to suit up the brain began to churn.
    Why is he suiting up (the inciting incident)? What might go wrong? What would be the twist or punchline?
    Add the titles, establishing shots and the outro to get a 3 minute video..... simple 


  • @Rosabelle Thanks,

    I animated over 3-4 evenings. Probably around 15 hours. The edit took a similar time. There was a couple of evenings preparing the sets and figures,

    Oh... and a few hours over about 2-3 weeks imagining the story, set, script and camera angles.

  • Excellent as always.


    Good Luck!

  • @BobDiMarzio thank you.

    It's a little more VFX plus a little slapstick... but I quite like that every now and again.

  • Nothing wrong with a bit of slapstick. A cheap joke about the pain involved when Tony's codpiece flies in at 50mph is just the right thing to get a guffaw. And Steve saving the day.... We'll just set this between Civil War and Infinity War for maximum irony.

    Without the contest deadline this is actually a joke that could have dragged longer: Like Tony being stuck on his back until boot up is complete. Tony could have done this ridiculously long checklist. "Boot up sequence, calibrate sensors, diagnostics on power sources, configure repulsors for flight mode, connect media feed, download GPS waypoints, etc" while Jarvis starts trying to interrupt halfway through. 

    It works as is for a three minute short, but, with no time restraints this could be a classic "shaggy dog story."

    As always I enjoy your humor and animation.

  • @Triem23
    You're right.I was trying to get across how long it was taking but didn't know how best to do it in the time limit.
     From your suggestion, I should have had him start a checklist, fade to black, fade back with him still going the through checks until he is interrupted. Would have been so simple....Arggghh.... Oh well 

  • Don't stress. Contests mean limited time to create and a time limit on duration. And stop motion takes long enough where you had to commit to script and get to animation.  The joke still plays.

    But... You COULD probably pull a "director's cut" doing a little re-record for a checklist while keeping the existing animation?? Or, forget it and on to the next film. 

  • "Or, forget it and on to the next film. "

    Always my favourite option 

  • Love it... the hud was done very well. 

  • Thanks. It was done relatively quickly using the tutorial project files as they work superbly.


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