Where are effectes?

Hi folks, 

I installed the last ignite pro (free trial)  and I have ignite pro 2017. I tried to use them in other programs (natron, davinci resolve 15 and fusion) in every of this programs I don't have all plug-ins contained in ignite. The majority of plug-ins are there, but not all... to be precise , I would use motion blur and audio wave and these aren't there (I don't know if other effects are missing)

The question is: why? Am I'm doing something wrong?



  • You aren't "doing" anything wrong, but you have failed to completely read the Ignite Pro product page.

    Long story short, what Ignite can do is also limited by the capabilities of the host program.

    If you look at the product page for Ignite Pro ( https://fxhome.com/ignite-pro ) and scroll down just a little you'll see a row of icons representing each compatible host. You'll also see a blue bar that reads "179 of 185 effects compatible with Adobe After Effects CC." If you click on any of the other program icons the blue bar will update with the new number, and, in the effects list below, filters incompatible with that host are grayed out and struck through.

    Natron and Fusion aren't even listed as hosts. If you're getting ANYTHING in either of those programs, that's a lucky win for you. Resolve is listed as having 155 of 185 filters being compatible. Motion Blur is NOT compatible with Resolve. Neither are Audio Spectrum or Audio Waveform. If you return to the product page for Ignite you'll be able to see the list of what filters are and are not compatible with Resolve.

    There is nothing FXHOME can do at this point to make those effects work in Resolve. Blackmagic will need to make the changes to Resolve's engine to allow it to access whatever features keep those filters from working.

  • Thanks for the answer !! =)

  • You're welcome.

    BTW, ARE you getting some Ignite Plug-ins working in Natron or Fusion? While they're not officially listed as hosts, if Ignite is (mostly) running in them that's just a good and interesting thing to know.

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