Unable to Export in 4K?

Whenever I try, I get the message: 

(H264) The dimensions and frame rate (3840 x 2160 @ 60 fps) are too high for the specific level.

 So how do I fix this?


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    Hitfilm is unable to export to AVC (MP4) at 60fps in UHD/4K resolutions.

    Your options are to export Cineform or Uncompressed and then transcode that externally via some utility like VirtualDub or ffmpeg or Handbrake using the x264 AVC encoder. You cannot use Handbrake with a Cineform export since it does not understand Cineform for input. Sad since it is the easiest to use. An uncompressed export will be really really large.

  • Ok, so how do I do all of that?

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    @Dara116543 since this thread was created, Hitfilm added the ability to export 4k 60p. Good looking out, but this thread is obsolete. 

    @TheBenNorris can someone close this thread out? It's not in my Mighty Mod powers. Ty. 

  • @Triem23 I noticed a couple of accounts last night have sprouted from nowhere and started posting useful advice on some 1/2-year old posts. Oddly enough they all appeared at the same time, post the same link, but seem to be human. I will close this thread as the issue is now resolved since HitFilm has added the ability to export 4k 60p.

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