Intro animation for my guitar lessons

I made this intro in Hitfilm Express, gotta say that if sometime ago someone would tell me that I could create this kind of stuff for free (actually almost free, I used a bit of Atomic Particles) I wouldn't believe.


  • The software is good and, for the price (free-ish) Express is fantastic BUT what you have done with it is seriously impressive. Great job.

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    @DafterThings Thanks a lot, man! What I find really cool about Express is that in this intro the coolest looking things were made only using keyframe animation and some camera movement, the particle stuff is just the icing on the cake, and the spinning plectrum on the beginning could have been done without 3D extrude.

  • @bemolator I agree. I often use presets when adding my effects and don't have to do much else other than transform ,  re-colour, some keyframing and a little masking.

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    @DafterThings Dude, I just saw your Brits and Tea animation, pretty funny story! I imagine that it took a lot of time to film it, so it is definitely a good idea to save some time using presets. I loved how the animation fits perfectly with the voice acting, really well done. You got another subscriber =D

  • @bemolator Thank you so much. Really appreciated.
    I often find the actual animating a bit of a grind after the idea/script stage. I then enjoy the editing. 
    I have just replied to another comment that I rather enjoyed this one because it was easier to break it down into smaller chunks without worrying about anything moving while I took a break. 

  • @Bemolator Very nice intro!

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    Slick intro! 

  • @bemolator that is a fantastic intro! 

  • Yeah, great intro! I need to spend some more time to figure things out to make a good intro, too. Thanks for the inspiration to get back to it.

  • @bemolator very cool intro!! Will your guitar lessons also be on YouTube?

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    @Bemolator Nice!! Though a suggestion:

    Many video makers andYouTuber's say that an intro should be no longer than 5 seconds long.

    my suggestion would be to cut out the excess fat, and leave it at 0:06. We already have all the information we need at that point and an intro longer than that will just bore the audience and make them skip.

    Hope the advice helps.

    Really impressive how you made that in Hitfilm!!

  • Dude, that is one sick intro! :+1:

  • I do not know why no one has suggested this before, but I would love to see a short tutorial on how you made your intro if you have the time. Really, very very nice!

  • @DataDesign that's a great idea! I'd definitely want to watch such tutorial!

    And for what it's worth, I don't think it's too long. The logo itself takes about 7 seconds, and the rest are a second intro to the lick of the day or whatever else.

    One more time: very very impressive.

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    Wow! Thank you very much for your comments!
    @rutxer Yep, not the ones I made this intro for, though. I already have some lessons that I posted on youtube few years ago but back then I didn't have a good camera or a decent microphone. So now I'm making some new lessons and relying a lot on Hitfilm to convey the musical theory behind the licks in a cool way. I'll post the youtube link here when I have it ready =)

    @Xhan47 I totally agree with you, for youtube it is probably too long, but this one is for a subscription based course in which people will get one vid per week, so there's no risk of losing their attention before the actual lesson starts =)
    For youtube I have been using this one that is pretty short. But I'll probably create another intro soon, specially now that I got some neat add-ons for Hitfilm 
    Anyway, thanks for the advice!

    @DataDesign Cool! I'll do it as soon as I have the time. The way it came to be was kind of random, I took one animation I made for my lessons and then thought what people that watched one too many MoGraph vids on youtube would ask: What if I Polar Warp it? Then the rest was coming up while I was testing ideas.
    Here's the original fretboard animation:

  • @Bemolator ...a polar-warped fretboard. I would never have guessed, though I was wondering why the meeting point was wider on one end. Now it makes perfect sense.  Again, it's a brilliant concept, and you've definitely got a great eye for designing that kind of visual content.

    Like @DataDesign, I'd love to see a more detailed breakdown about its assembly, including how you crafted the sound design. 

  • @CleverTagline Thanks dude! I will record a tutorial showing how I did it step by step. The sound design was the easiest part actually, there's this free library from Sonniss that has over 30gb with all sorts of sounds. I didn't have to do anything other than tweaking the volume of each sample I chose.

  • @Bemolator Thanks for sharing the link! Now I just gotta find 30GB of free space... :/

  • Very good stuff :D

    You could align camera towards specific layer: center of the circle, so that whole graphics would stay always in view (or with little upwards correction).

    But still very good job!

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