Brits and Tea

Bumped up the list a little and an early attempt to make more detailed sets.

I *think* the audio levels are OK but I can never be sure...



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    In my best British accent.............Audio levels sound spot on mate!

  • Nice!

    The color and image in general is better than earlier videos. Good job!

    Also, the voices can be heard very clearly in this one.

    And as usually, your ending is hilarious :D

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    "Lovely Brains!" oh, man, I laughed so hard at that brilliant  throwaway background line. Nice short. I raise the last of the tea I currently enjoy to you from the US. 

  • Thank you everybody.

    There must be something wrong with my ears then. It's very possible of course. Perhaps my ears, like my eyes, are having trouble with focus 

  • Really top notch short this, what-o, made me smile. Love the ending shot of the horde outside. 

  • @Andy001z

    I was going to animate the horde but, personally, the 'cloning' gave more obvious patterns even if I mirrored some of the shots. In the end I went with 'looks OK to me' so glad it looked OK to you as well 

  • "I shall be using my underpants"  Indeed!! My kind of story.

  • @DafterThings

     Opening titles reminded me of a Looney Tunes cartoon.

    Great stuff. The set design was even more impressive and as rutxersaid the color grading was better as well.

    That campfire effect was really cool too.



  • Another great short. You do a really good job of giving the characters personality not just in their looks and voices, but in their movements as well. The commanding officer was a treat to watch in this one. I also loved the wonderful looking zombie mob at the end. Animated or not, that must've taken some time to assemble, but it's well worth the effort.

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    @Kiplake Indeed. At least he'd kept them nice and clean. Secretly, I think he uses any excuse to show off his thighs. 

    @Xhan47 Thanks. TBH I was going to use the cinefilm preset. The scene is supposed to be dark but it looked better using just the practical lighting. I used a single overhead light with a lot of diffusion.  The fire is the preset bonfire with some blur and a masked plane with tint and flicker applied. This is another  reason I love Hitfilm.  I am quite lazy when it comes to effects. Hitfilm seems to know this and compensates by giving me much of what I need straight out the box 

    @CleverTagline ;  I like the officer too. I didn't want him to seem a coward. Instead he's brave, resourceful and a good leader of men.... just needs his tea. I also wanted to show him able to cross the divide at the end. I hope that worked.  Private "Mouthy" Malfoy is a character I was going to use in Spartan The Pooh Part3. I still will but he will be a LOT more....errr... mouthy.  Putting some personality into 6cm plastic figures is another reason I enjoy making these videos. When people comment about it, well... just makes it even more worthwhile.

  • @DafterThings Huh, glad you chose to go with the practical approach. 

    The fire is a preset? cool.



  • @xhan47 ; Yeah. I am trying to do as much practical as possible. Obviously it matches much better and it seriously decreases the work to do in post. By the time I have finished animating I really want things to be as easy as possible   

  • Just set your Legos on fire! What could go wrong? :)

  • @filmSensei ;
    Some of the figures aren't available in the UK including the British Troop set which is bizarre.
    Often the prices are extortionate but I managed to find these at an 'OK' price shipped from the US with reasonable shipping.  Basically, once I have them, I treat them like Hollywood A-listers 

  • @DafterThings I have a funny story for you...

    My 13 year old son loves your stop motion movies, and he has seen them all. We recently had watched "The Officer's Christmas Party" when he had to babysit a 3 year old. I help them build a tent fort in the living room and they were playing in it with a bunch of stuffed animals. I crawled in to play a little with them, and I grabbed a storm trooper stuffed toy to play with. After playing with them for a little bit, I set the storm trooper on a chair that was holding the tent up, and a few seconds later he slowly fell off the chair onto the floor. I quickly quipped, "A little early for that, isn't it George?" My son started laughing so hard i thought he was going to pee his pants! :)

  • @FilmSensei ;  Love it. 

    I'm accepting that the Gotham Tales will happen in an alternate timeline to my normal to-do list. I also have an unavoidable gap of 2-4 weeks starting in mid-Feb.
    What if I write something with George that has a reference only your son might get? Maybe his first name or nickname or something? Do they do 'Work experience' in the US?

    It'll be good to help me focus on doing something over the next 2-3 weeks.

  • @DafterThings My son's name is Neil. He would get a great kick out of being referenced! As far as "Work Experience," he is currently a volunteer in training at our local "Frontier Culture Museum."

    He (and many other young teens) volunteer to dress up as people from older days and explain to visitors how life was hundreds of years ago. The Museum has moved or reproduced examples of traditional rural buildings from England, Germany, Ireland, West Africa, and America. These young volunteers literally act the parts they are assigned.

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    OK. Got it. 

    In the UK we have a thing called 'work experience' where teens (school yr 9-10) spend a week at a workplace.
    I think Neil would have spent his week on the Enterprise. Don't say anything as I need to write everything else around it yet 

    <edit> and it'll just be throwaway line.

  • @DafterThings That's awesome! Neil would love to spend a week on the Enterprise. He loves Star Trek! Thanks.

  •  If it's alright with you @DafterThings, & similar to last time, I'd really like to post this video up on our social channels tonight, Saturday & Sunday?


    Your work is so well done & well loved by the community, it deserves to be shown off each time a new video comes out :) 

  • @GavinBarker 

    Obviously more than happy for that to happen. Very much welcomed and appreciated.

  • The 'smith is one of them' line made me laugh out loud.

    Fun little video! You do need some extra voice actors though.

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    @DannyDev many thanks.

    The Gotham Tales voice submission date has passed so I'll be listening to them and feeding back over the weekend. It's been an interesting  experience so far with super advice and understanding from the people involved.

    The lines I have received are fantastic. I can absolutely understand how they will enhance the story.

    On the other hand, I don't like the idea of disappointing anybody (this is a fun hobby) and ,frankly,  it takes away a little of the flexibility when doing it all on my own. I might record and change a line several times in the space of 2-3 minutes.

    I'll just need to look at the balance.


  • Personally, I'd enjoy your videos with or without additional voices. 

    I think doing 'specials' 1/2/3/4/however many times per year as 'Dafter Things & the community' special events is just so bloomin' exciting! Plus it gives your channel 'event' moments for people to flock to!

    But the way you deliver lines, the way the whole thing is presented is your 'thing'. It's quintessentially 'Dafter Things' and I'd hate to see that lessen because you're feeling like you HAVE to do a video/there's a huge amount of pressure.

    Just know that however you want to approach future videos, the FXhome community is behind you regardless :) 

  • @GavinBarker ; You are absolutely right.
    The Gotham Tales video is something happening outside my normal timeline so I don't have any undue pressure from it. I've had a really positive and supportive reaction from the people linked to the project.
    This is definitely something I want to continue with for both the unique opportunity and experience.


  • @DafterThings ; Completely agree with @GavinBarker.  Don't feel like you have to produce a larger scale product.  If you are comfortable doing what you have been doing, then stick with that.  The the good news is you have a lot of community support now matter what you want to do.  Don't feel obligated to change things up unless you want to.

  • @stargazer54 

    Thanks. It's not a problem. I'm comfortable with it all happening now I have it in my head it can happen in a different time/space to the other videos. I'm  extremely grateful to get the opportunity to do something on a larger scale with access to such a talented pool of people.

  • @FilmSensei , Just to let you know I have written the script which has a couple of line mentioning Neil but it has been bumped down the list for a little while. There is a specific contest entry, then that enforced absence.
    The plan is to do the video after that although it then bumps into an April Fool's Day video.
    In short... I haven't, and won't, forget.

  • @DafterThings Thanks! I appreciate it. I look forward to it!

    Regarding "Darkness Falls," like I said in my email with the lines, if you need any changes, additions, etc... just let me know! :) 

  • Voiceover is just reading text from a script, right? How hard can it be... ;)


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