Best way to make text crawl?

Not a regular crawl: Can I make a word crawl like an inchworm in Hitfilm. In other words, have it scrunch up and then straighten out?


  • The only way I can think of to do this in HitFilm is with the Puppet tool, and the setup isn't necessarily intuitive.

    In a new comp (I'll call it "Text Setup"), make your text the size that you want it. Under the text layer, make a plane that's a different color than the text (the specific color doesn't matter), and scale the plane so that it's just a little larger than the text. Another option is to leave the plane full-frame, and make a rectangular mask just larger than the text. Either way, you end up with text on a solid rectangle.

    Drop this comp into a new comp (I'll call this "Puppet Comp").  Add the Puppet tool to the embedded comp, and tweak it so you have the mesh and control point settings adjusted to your liking, and you can deform the text box the way you wish. Once that's all set, go back to the Text Setup comp and hide the plane layer. Return to the Puppet Comp, and the text will continue to deform the same way, even though the surrounding plane is gone.

    I used this same basic technique on a test shot a while back, only I moved the text through the rectangular space in the setup comp before deforming it in another comp.

  • That is much smoother than what I had in mind but it is very cool, thanks!

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