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I would like to know what I should use to compress gameplay. I am recording with Nvidia's Geforce Experience currently. I record in 1080p 60fps with a bitrate of 50. I am running out of space on my computer and would like to shrink some of my videos for editing later without dropping the 1080p 60fps to something lower. I have been trying to decide whether to use Handbrake or Hitfilm.  noticed when I export videos in Hitfilm my file size shrinks to around a 3rd of the original; I did not notice any difference in the quality of my video, so I was wondering if using that exported file to edit with would be fine. If Handbrake would be a better option for this, I would like to know what settings to use to mantain my quality.


  • Whatever the answer you can't do this forever, and unless you intend to stop generating video entirely soon, you will eventually run out of space. Get an external drive and start archiving stuff you don't need.

  • The size of a video file is completely dependent on the bitrate of the video+audio. It does not matter if the video is 1080 or UHD or 60p or 30p. The ultimate quality of the file is dependent on all of those factors. Frames size and frame rate and bitrate. Every video source content is different. Better quality video encoders will do a better job than others.

    All that said the best quality AVC encoder is x264. The encoder in Nvidia is pretty basic by comparison. You can get smaller files with x264 at the same quality level compared to other encoders. Handbrake and VirtualDub both use x264 for AVC.

    Now AVC video can be very high overhead to edit with and edit performance can suffer. I proposed some fast decode settings for AVC to help others with edit performance. Herfe is the thread.

    As for what CRF/RF setting to use to "maintain my quality", than can only be empirically determined. Trial and error. Franky one video can get away with lower settings than another. 

    You can get smaller files than the fast decode settings by turning fast decode off and not using the extra settings but those files may not edit very well.

  • Thanks for this information. It useful

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