I Made the Kylo Ren Lightsaber for Free!

I've been working really hard to create this effect in the Express version for quite a while. Now I've finally managed to make a tutorial on how to create it as well, so I figured I should share it here.

Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL-YKzsIlZQ I hope you guys enjoy it and learn something new!


  • Nice job! It looks very good.

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     Thanks @FilmSensei.

  • Nice work with the effect, and a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! As a tip for the future, the forum can auto-embed YouTube videos if you put the URL on its own line. No need to make it a link. Just paste the URL, and the video will be embedded when you refresh after posting. Embedding makes it easier for people to watch and comment on your stuff without being pulled out of the forum.

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    Well presented and explained. You did a particularly good job on discussing why you placed the Heat Distortion where you did. 

    Presentation tip (which I stole from Hitfilm guru Simon Jones): Easiest way to understand Hitfilm order of operations is Tracks/Layers are processed from the bottom up, and everything in a layer is processed from top to bottom - including effects, transforms and masks.

    Actually effects, transforms and masks are also applied as groups in order top to bottom. If you look at a plane/photo/video layer, masks apply before effects. In a grade layer masks come after effects. 

  •  Thanks, @Triem23 and @CleverTagline. And thank you for the tips as well.

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