Changing speed of animation smoothly

Hi! New to Hitfilm and animation in general! 

Lets say I want a plain, rectangular plane to quickly rise, slow to a crawl, then shoot off without ever "stopping". I tried doing it simply by using 4 key frames and putting them in manual bezier, but keyframe 2 and 3 always have a "stop". I've tried doing it in 2 key frames, but I can't seem to manipulate the curve enough to change the rate of change to what I want. Think a car slowing down to a crawl to see an accident on the side of the highway before growing bored and driving off again- that's what I'm picturing. 


When I make the end product, I want 3 such rectangles moving from the top, 3 from the bottom in the first second, momentarily slowing as they meet in the middle to unmask text in lower thirds for two seconds, then shooting off without changing direction in the 4th second.  Any help or advice appreciated! Really loving this software!


  • A Linear Keyframe should do the trick. Linear means it just passes through the Keyframe without stopping.

  • FilmSensei Thank you! I just tried it and it works! 

    For anyone reading this: 

    There are 4 key frames, one off screen low, one in the middle low, one slightly higher, and one off screen high. 

    Keyframe 1 and 4 are in manual bezier, the middle two are linear. The end curve looks like a really smoothed out S on its side. 

    Now I just gotta copy that 5 times and I got something I can work with. 


    Thanks again! 

  • My pleasure. I am glad to hear you are enjoying the HitFilm software.

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