When Darkness Falls : Tales from Gotham.... voice casting.

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Hi All,

You might have seen the discussion around voice acting for my next video which is called 
When Darkness Falls : Tales from Gotham. (working title). A number of people offered their talent.

@CleverTagline has shared his experience by putting together the following for the voice casting...

It is password protected so you'll need to contact Justin to request access...

This is a very unique opportunity for me but I do need to start production in around 10 days so  would need submissions over the next 7 days. 

Once production is finished I'm open to offers if anybody is interested in post production (sound , music, colouring etc). If it becomes a community project or not is all fine by me.

Regardless what happens you all have my HUGEST gratitude.


  • Apologies. I have edited the original as Justin has created a specific contact page.

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    and... @Kiplake , @Triem23@DataDesign ; and @FilmSensei in case you miss it.  

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     Tried contact page, but only get "Validation errors occurred. Please confirm the fields and submit it again." Can't figure out what I am doing wrong as it does not show which field(s) are the problem.

  •  I would absolutely love to participate in this, but unfortunately I am out of my home state and I did not bring any of my recording equipment with me. Sorry, I really would like to be involved! Maybe the next project?

  • @FilmSensei , not a problem and thanks for letting me know.


  •  Thank you sir. I contacted Justin to get the password.

  • @Kiplake ; Great stuff.  Many thanks

  • @DataDesign Sorry to hear that. Not sure what the problem might be. I had a hunch about something, but just tested it and didn't have any issues. Maybe try on a different system? 

  • @FilmSensei You've got the better part of a week to submit an audition. Will you not be home in time? What about the final deadline? Will you be home in time for that? I know you've got solid recording equipment, so maybe record an audition from your phone, then record the final lines once you're at home with your good gear.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Just noting I'm getting over a cold. Taking a couple of days so I don't sound like a frog .

  • @CleverTagline I am currently in Colorado preparing a commercial property for sale. The closing date is January 24, so I most likely won't get back home to Virginia for at least another two weeks. Sorry about that! I will ask around to see if anyone I know has some good recording equipment, but I won't hold my breath.

    @DafterThings I don't know what your time frame for post production is, but I might be able to get involved there!

  •  Score! I have a friend with a Zoom 1. Maybe I can make it happen after all. I will go ahead and register myself on the casting page and see if I can be of help. I am not the best choice, of course, with all of the great talent here on the forums. But if I can be of even a small help. I will do my best!

  • Thanks everybody.
    The time-frames are driven by my need to post regularly and, of course, to move things along.

    However, I realise this is a 'special' situation so I'm comfortable with this project being outside my normal scheduling . I believe there still need to be deadlines just more relaxed ones especially as I can be doing another video in parallel. 
    The script and lines per voice are pretty short so shouldn't (  ) take long once decided.
    The the onus is on me for production and then I can comeback for anybody who wants to help with post.

    In short, let's extend the submissions until Jan 24th. 


  •  @CleverTagline

    I tried it on another system as you suggested and it worked. ? Assuming some sort of problem with Win 8 system.

    It worked with Win 10 system.

  • @DataDesign Saw your request come through. Glad you got it working! I can't imagine it would be a difference in Windows versions. Maybe something else on your system? Anyway, you should have the password now.

    @FilmSensei Glad you're able to participate!

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    Welcome to Colorado @FilmSensei

    DafterThings - Not sure if the request went through Justin's form but if you need a deeper voice I'll throw my in...

  • @GrayMotion It went through. I've had a busy day away from home, but by now you should've seen my reply.

  • Thank you to all those who sent in lines and MASSIVE thanks to @CleverTagline ; for making it happen and all the advice. Much appreciated.

    I should, by now,  have responded to all who submitted lines. The next step is for me to divide up the parts.
    This is a fun project so I want everybody to get a line or two (if they are still up for it) even if it I have to write some extra lines. 
    I'll also review the script and share it with the cast (wow.... there is a cast... and they're not made out of plastic).

    I'll try and do this over the weekend but please be aware I'll be unavailable for the last 2 weeks of Feb so things might go quiet.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I look forward to seeing this. 

    @DafterThings I did mean to get lines into you but my cold became bronchitis and I currently sound like a frog. If you ever try a casting experiment again I hope to be in proper voice. 

  • @triem23

    np. I'll write something with a frog. A frog, with bronchitis, that has a frog in it's throat.

  • So, I have responded to all the people who submitted lines (massive thanks again). Everything I received was really good so I feel awful if I have disappointed anybody. 

    Unfortunately the script is short and, once the main characters were cast, the remaining lines were minimal.
    Thanks again everybody.


  • I am just getting into a position to work on this again myself.
    I'm taking stock of the lines I have received and have some music sent to me which sounds great.
    I need to assemble the figures (Batman needs to be redone as his ears broke off) and build the set.

    @Kiplake ; : Have you been getting my emails?

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