Final audio is good but in Hitfilm timeline it's blown out

For example, I'll render a video and the output audio is fine. However when I put it into a new Hitfilm project (without changing anything) it's blown out when I play it in the timeline.

I'm using a Dell XPS-15. I'm wondering if it's an audio problem incompatibility with the laptop and Hitfilm.  Please help!


  • PS Audio is totally fine if I listen to it in a composite shot but in the timeline it's blown out.

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    Are you somehow doubling the audio? If it's in a composite shot, and also separately on the main Editor timeline in the same time span as the comp, that will double the audio strength, leading to clipping.

  • Another possibility is that you accidentally turned up the volume for the comp on the Editor timeline. There's a horizontal line running through the audio portion. If you somehow dragged that up as you were trying to move that item around on the timeline, that will increase the audio. It would sound fine inside the comp, but blown out on the Editor timeline. The easiest way to check for this, and also fix it, is to select the comp audio in the Editor timeline, then look at its audio properties in the Controls panel.  The level should be at 0db.

  • There isn't any doubling that I can see. If it doubled wouldn't that manifest in the output too?

    When I create a composite shot of it the audio shows 0bd. The untouched file plays terrible audio in timeline but if I create a composite of it, the audio plays fine.

    The horizontal line in the timeline is untouched---When I import it to the timeline it is somewhere in the middle. If I move the line lower to get a good sound  preview in the timeline, will that have an effect on output or is it only the db number in the composite shot that matters?

  • I was quite tired when I wrote this question last night so I apologize for not thanking you for your response, Clever Tagline. In the meantime I tried lowering the db to negative eleven and that seems to work in a test video output. I just find the need to do this puzzling. As long as the volume won't be too low in the end I'll be happy.

  • @TryingHitFilmNow Sorry, I somehow overlooked the fact that the final exported audio is fine. It's only the playback inside HitFilm that's blown out, which is definitely odd.

    I (and possibly others here) would be curious to know more about the media you're bringing into HitFilm. Perhaps something in the file is the source. If you don't already have MediaInfo installed, get that now. Drop one of your files into it, then switch to the Text report option. Copy the full report and paste it into a reply here.

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