Making a title of an exploding letters slow motion record

Hey guys!

Yesterday I found a very interesting video on YouTube, in which two guys ( „The Slow Mo Guys“) let the letters of their name explode. In the Slow Motion record it looked like a very great animated title (here is the link to exact time of the video: )
Now here ist my question: How can I remake this in Htifilm Pro (latest version) with different titles or names? Maybe slower than in the video sequence.




  • @WinnerrennW Unfortunately time-specific markers don't work when posting YouTube videos to the forum. They always start at the beginning.

    I can see this being definitely doable with the particle system in Pro, though I don't have enough experience with said system to just spit out suggestions without lots of testing, which I don't have time to do at the moment.

    That aside, I'm going to toss this bit out anyway to kick off some discussion about how to "draw" the letters. Of course you could use a point layer as a spawn for the particles, but hand-keying a point layer to form letter shapes over time would be a pain. However, I believe (and please correct me if I'm wrong, o' ye gods of Pro particles) that you can use the content of a layer to drive where particles are spawned. With that in mind, I would build a composite shot that contains the Neon Path effect drawing letters based on a text layer. Just white on black, with the Neon Path controls tweaked to only show a narrow segment of each letter outline as it loops around. Bring that into the composite shot where you're building the particle system, and have that trigger where the particles would be generated.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @CleverTagline is on the right track  this is a particle sim job. 

    This is still the best couple of tutorials for basic particle sim controls: Hitfilm 2, so minor interface differences.

    You'll probably want to get stock footage of an explosion to use as an animated video texture. This video is on cloning, but covers setting up a video texture.

    As CleverTagline notes, you'll want to use a Layer Emitter to create particles. This will be an animation where you create the letters as white lines, then animate some masks to sweep along the lines (basically exposing only part of the white per frame to drive particles). This video goes FAST (so use YouTube speed controls to slow to 75%), but is mostly about creating layer emitters to drive a dissolve.

  • @Triem23 @CleverTagline Thanks a lot for this tips. I have to look now how I can remake it, but now I have a basic idea. 

  • This could also be done with simple masking techniques and some stock footage  flames.

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