Putting a masked video on top of a still png image

Hello all. This is my first post. Sorry if it is not the ideal section. I imagine that this is a simple task but I'm having a hard time figuring it out.




  • Sorry I meant to clarify. I have the masked video (it is a video of a blinking eye) on top of a still picture of a face that I zoom into.

     I don't see how to keep the video parented to  a specific section of the png and be able to change scale as it zooms in.


  • Oh never mind, I think I have it. I think I was trying to move the mask layer instead of the video layer itself and positioning manually with keyframes.

  • I might be too late but I only recently began creating a 'control' point layer. I then parent my masked video and the image to that point. If I keyframe the position and scale of the point it now applies to both the masked video and the image.

    Apologies if you already knew this but it has saved me hours especially with complex layers.

  • Thank you DafterThings. I think I know what you are saying.

    I also recently learned that it is immensely easier to create a composite shot for all things needing editing. I was doing it directly on the timeline and constantly accidentally deleting things there.

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