Where is the wishlist for Imerge Pro forum

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Where is the wishlist for imerge pro forum?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Tagging @rikkiloades ;

    I mean we have a couple in the super-secret beta tester zone, but is it time to put one on the general forum? 

  • rikkiloadesrikkiloades Staff
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    Hey @Andersen01498 and @Triem23. I would say just follow the convention others have been taking in creating a new topic for each feature request and prefix it with "Feature Request: ". That way it helps us have more in-depth conversations about a feature than putting it all in one master topic and it getting a bit unweildly after a while.

    In future if there is enough volume we could look into whether we could move these to their own thread forum so they don't get lost in the support and other discussions around Imerge.

  • @rikkiloades how about it's own separate forum so those not using it don't keep on selecting 'Read All' on topics of no interest. Where did people go with PhotoKey issues previously? Never seen them here.

  • rikkiloadesrikkiloades Staff
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    @Palacono Yes quite right I meant to type forum topic not thread. 

    Some years ago now, pre-HitFilm, PhotoKey users went to an old now retired FXhome forum.

    However not many people used it for PhotoKey so it eventually went. With Imerge we hope to cultivate a community similar to HitFilm though. Also we think over time the HitFilm and Imerge userbases are likely to overlap somewhat. 

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